Global Secure Guarantee


We are so confident in the security of our doors, we are now offering customers the Global Secure Guarantee.
Once your door is registered, heres what will happen in the extremely unlikely event you have a break in as a result of the lock mechanism failing:

We will give you £500

Theres something you don’t hear every day, and there really is no catch.

We will replace your door for FREE

Your door will be replaced with a brand new one, so you won’t have to pay out anything for repairs.

A Free 10 year guarantee

Your guarantee is offered for 10 years, and this can be transferred over to the next homeowner (a great selling point for your home).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Global Secure Guarantee cost?

Absolutely nothing.

How long is the guarantee for?

The guarantee remains in place for 10 years regardless of whether the property changes hands.

How do I receive this guarantee?

After your installation, you will be sent an email explaining how to register your door. There is also information in the homeowner pack that comes with your door. (Note if you have already had your door installed you can CLICK HERE to register)

How do I make a claim?

If the very unlikely event of a break in due to lock failure, we will need a claim form with a crime reference number before we can start the process of replacing the door.

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