Sliding patio doors were very popular in the ’80s and ’90s but lost favor when bi-fold doors became trendy. Now, sliding patio doors are making a comeback, similar to flared jeans. Modern designs and materials have introduced new benefits, bringing sliding doors back into style.

Better views

Thanks to the latest materials and technology, sliding patio doors can now feature much larger panes of glass. These bigger glazing areas provide better views of your garden with fewer interruptions. Panels up to 3.5 meters wide, like those in Reynaers patio doors, allow even more light to fill your room, enhancing both the view and the natural light in your space.

More space

Sliding doors are a more suitable option than bi-folds when space is limited. For instance, if your sliding doors open onto a balcony or small terrace, bi-fold doors opening outward would occupy valuable outdoor space. Similarly, inward-opening bi-fold doors reduce the usable space in your interior room. Sliding doors offer a clear advantage in maximizing the available space when the doors are open.

Smooth operation

Large glass panels can be heavy, but modern sliding doors incorporate easy-glide technology, making them effortless to open. The lift and slide mechanism used in aluminum patio doors, such as the Reynaers CP130 and CP155, ensures smooth and simple operation.

Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces

Sliding patio doors are perfect for creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. This effect is especially striking when flooring, such as ceramic tiles, can be continued from inside to outside. Opening your sliding doors instantly connects your garden with your home, making it an ideal space for entertaining. Guests can move freely between an indoor reception room and your garden, creating a spacious dining area. If the British weather turns unfavorable, guests can quickly move indoors while still enjoying the garden views from inside your home.

If you are designing an extension, consider incorporating sliding patio doors into a standout design. Using them in a corner layout, with two sliding doors meeting at a right angle, creates a striking and modern effect for your home.

Cutting-edge technology

In the past, large sliding doors often contributed to heat loss in homes. However, recent advancements in thermal technology have minimized heat transfer through sliding patio doors. If you are replacing old patio doors, you’ll find that new models are more energy-efficient, ensuring your room’s comfort isn’t affected by winter weather. Some types of glass can also reduce heat transfer from the sun and block UV rays. For instance, low emissivity glass has an invisible coating that reflects heat back into your room, preventing it from escaping. Some designs, like the Smart Visoglide Plus, include insulation within the frame to further prevent heat loss.

Another concern with old-style patio doors was security. Modern sliding patio doors now feature sophisticated locking technology, alleviating worries about property security for both you and your insurance provider. Safety is also no longer an issue, as toughened safety glass is standard, with the option to upgrade to laminated security glass.

Sleek and slimline patio doors

For the best views and maximum light, slimline sliding doors are an ideal choice. They provide a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that is currently very fashionable. With minimal visible framing, these doors are exceptionally slim and give the appearance of being almost entirely glass. Slimline frames are generally made from aluminum or steel, as these materials offer the required strength even in ultra-thin designs, unlike timber and PVCu.

Additional choices for window treatments

Bi-fold doors can restrict your options for window furnishings, depending on the direction they open. If bi-fold doors open inwards, you may need custom-made blinds. In contrast, sliding doors offer more flexibility for window treatments, as standard blinds can be easily fitted from above the doors.


Sliding patio doors offer versatile ventilation options, allowing a room to be gently or rapidly aired without being obtrusive. With increasing awareness of the importance of regularly airing rooms, sliding patio doors are ideal. They can be slightly opened to provide gentle airflow without obstructing your view, perfect for when guests are over. Some sliding doors, like the Reynaers CP130, can be locked in a partially open position, ensuring optimal ventilation without compromising security. When fully opened, these doors allow for thorough ventilation in just moments.

Choose from an array of premium-quality doors

Replacing old patio doors can completely transform the look of your room. At Global Door, we offer a wide range of options, including the highly popular Smart Visoglide Plus door. This door features expansive glazing, minimal sightlines, and various configurations for opening and static panels. High-quality runner mechanisms ensure that your Smart Visoglide door will glide open smoothly and reliably.

With premium options like the sliding doors from Reynaers, you can enjoy the luxury chosen by architects for some of the most prestigious house designs. Crafted using cutting-edge technology, these doors come in various configurations and color options, all designed to give your home a striking appearance.

Reynaers doors feature optimized strength and durability, ensuring they remain stunning and operate perfectly for years to come.

Explore our extensive range of sliding patio doors online at Global Door. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out to learn more about how our sliding patio doors can enhance your home.

FAQs about sliding patio doors

What are the benefits of sliding patio doors compared to bi-fold doors?

Sliding patio doors offer more space efficiency, better views with larger glass panels, and simpler operation with easy-glide technology. They also provide more options for window furnishings.

What materials are used in the frames of slimline sliding doors?

Slimline sliding doors are typically made from aluminum or steel, as these materials offer the necessary strength for ultra-thin frames, unlike timber and PVCu.

What makes Reynaers sliding doors a premium option?

Reynaers sliding doors are crafted using cutting-edge technology, feature optimized strength and durability, and are chosen by architects for prestigious house designs. They are also available in various configurations and colour options too.