Selecting a new door for your home can be both exciting and challenging due to the wide array of designs available. If you seek a door that combines style and functionality, patio doors could be the ideal choice for you.

Patio doors: What are they?

Patio doors were initially designed to provide access to patios, decks, or outdoor areas. These large doors either slide or swing open, offering convenient transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Constructed with extensive glass panels, patio doors maximize daylight in your home and provide unobstructed views of the outside environment. The glass is typically supported by frames made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass, ensuring structural integrity and insulation.

Patio doors are an excellent choice for those looking to bring more light and fresh air into their homes. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your indoor space, offering a cost-effective alternative to building a conservatory or an external extension. In recent years, patio doors have surged in popularity among residential buildings, and this trend is expected to continue growing.

What types of patio doors are available?

Patio doors come in three main types: French, sliding, and bi-fold. Each type offers unique features for a home and garden, appealing to different preferences and functional needs.

1. French patio doors

French patio doors are known for their classic, elegant appearance. They typically consist of two hinged panels that swing open from the center, either outward or inward based on your preference. These doors often feature a frame dividing the glass panels, called mullions, adding a beautiful decorative touch.

2. Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors typically consist of two or three panels that slide and overlap with one another, with one panel remaining stationary. People often choose sliding doors because they don’t take up any space when opened, unlike other types of doors. Additionally, their design ensures that the doors won’t move or slam shut due to the wind, a common issue with French doors. Sliding doors provide an uninterrupted view of the outdoors with their large glass panes. They are usually fitted onto anti-lifting tracks to prevent intruders from lifting them out.

3. Bifold patio doors

Folding patio doors, commonly known as bi-fold doors, feature multiple panes that fold and stack against one side of the door frame when opened. They create a wide opening and can span a greater width than any other type of door. Bi-fold patio doors are often used to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and are the newest type of door to enter the UK market. They are popular for the expansive views and accessibility they offer.

Due to their more complex operation, bi-fold doors are often fitted with a traffic door for quick entry and exit without needing to open the entire set of doors.

Reasons why you should choose patio doors

Here are some compelling reasons to consider patio doors for your home:

Natural light

Patio doors, predominantly made of glass, allow an abundance of natural light to brighten up your living space. This can make your interiors more inviting and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, potentially saving on energy costs.

Views and aesthetics

Offering unobstructed views of your outdoor surroundings, patio doors let you enjoy your beautiful garden, scenic landscape, or cozy backyard from the comfort of your home.

Smooth transition

If you love hosting gatherings, patio doors are ideal. They provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, making it convenient to move between spaces during events.

Ventilation and fresh air

Opening patio doors can significantly improve ventilation by allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home. This helps regulate indoor temperatures, remove stale air, and create a more comfortable environment.

Increased space

Patio doors maximize space utilization as they don’t require extra clearance for swinging, unlike traditional hinged doors. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms, helping you use your space more effectively.

Value and appeal

Potential buyers often appreciate patio doors for all the reasons listed above, making them an attractive feature that can set your home apart in the real estate market.

What is the standard size for a patio door?

The standard sizes for patio doors can vary based on factors such as the manufacturer, region, and specific product line. While there isn’t one overall standard patio door size in the UK, there are several widely used dimensions across the industry. It’s important to note that these dimensions are approximate and can vary:

Sliding Patio Doors:

  • 1.5m (60 inches) with a frame size of 148.8cm x 198.75cm (59.5 x 79.5 inches)
  • 1.8m (72 inches) with a frame size of 178.75cm x 198.75cm (71.5 x 79.5 inches)
  • 2.4m (96 inches) with a frame size of 238.75cm x 198.75cm (95.5 x 79.5 inches)

Hinged Patio Doors:

  • Standard dimensions are 178.15cm x 198.75cm (71.25 x 79.5 inches)

Custom door sizes and shapes can vary based on your preferences. If you already have a specific space available, choose the door size that fits that space. For larger areas, you might consider opting for three panels instead of the standard two or choosing a more unique shape like an archtop.

If you’re struggling with sizing or need guidance on what to choose, feel free to contact our friendly team – we’re happy to help!

How secure are patio doors?

Regardless of the type of patio door you choose, you should always be confident in its strength and security. Modern designs and technological advancements have made patio doors stronger than ever, especially those with aluminum frames. You can also find wooden and uPVC doors reinforced with aluminum cores.

When it comes to security, French doors are particularly robust due to their design features. They are set within a frame and equipped with pivots, hinges, and a central locking point, making them less likely to be forced open.

To enhance the security of your patio door, consider the frame material, glass type, and locking mechanisms. Regular cleaning and maintenance checks are also essential to ensure your door remains secure and functions properly.

FAQs about Patio Doors

What classes as a patio door?

The term “patio doors” refers to any door that opens onto your patio, garden, or indoor living area, or that simply slides open and closed.

What is the difference between a patio door and a french door?

French doors are a specific type of patio door that are typically hinged and open outward, taking up patio or garden space.

What is the difference between a patio door and an entry door?

Most entry doors, also known as front doors, are made from fiberglass or steel. In contrast, patio doors are usually made with high-efficiency glass and vinyl framing components.

What is the Difference Between Sliding Doors and Patio Doors?

Sliding doors are a type of patio door consisting of two or three panels that slide over one another, with one panel remaining stationary.