An evening on Redcar promenade

Every time news of a new TV reality, documentary or fiction appears which is scheduled to feature the towns or cities of the North East (we are pretty sure others throughout the UK feel the same about their home areas) it fills us with dread here in the GFD Offices. When the general concept is that it is “grim up north” it makes the area an easy target for low budget programmes that are quick to show the worst rather than the best of the area. The current programme that features our area is “the Mighty Redcar” which although it is more sympathetic to the plight of the youth of the area it does little to showcase the town – we can guarantee that neither of the above photographs will feature in any episode but they are current live images.

The North East has been the location for some classic TV dramas such as “When the Boat Comes In” and “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” but over recent years the TV programmers seem more inclined to present “what’s wrong with the area “than what is good about it.

The two photographs above are only two of a series of 34 contained within the web pages of Teesside Live in an article entitled “34 Totally understandable reasons no-one likes Teesside” which is well worth reviewing as you may be pleasantly surprised at what the area has to offer.

The photograph below features the Saltburn Funicular railway, one of a very few still working in the UK – and for those who doubt the existence of piers and quality beaches in the North east this is pretty conclusive evidence that we have both. Saltburn is a seaside town approx. 6 miles from the “Mighty Redcar”

We have unfortunately noted a glaring omission from these 34 superb images of our area, here at GFD HQ we know where all the local gems are in our area and one that cannot be discounted is one of our superb range of doors like this white two panel 2 square with side panels– and many more – why not continue your discovery of the real Teesside and take a look at our website Global where the below door features on our gallery page