Way back in September 2018 we performed our annual ritual of reviewing the Met Office storm names for the coming year – “Storm Ali – it’s that time of year again” this time giving emphasis to the heavy use of Irish based names. In previous years we have “ran a book” and quoted the office odds for both the severest of storms and how many names we would actually use – probably as well we concentrated on the “Irish connection” because for the majority of us storms have been a very low-key event this year. The weather was set fair through March  and as we sailed  past the Spring Equinox, we had only just scraped storm “F” for Freya the chances of making it to Wyn looking  very unlikely indeed. We can now close the book with the revelation that we made it to “Hannah”  and no further.

Which, leaves us with a problem here at Global Door – how can we wax lyrically about the appalling weather being a very good reason to change your front door with the consequent thermal benefits and savings on heating bills – the simple answer is we cannot.

However, we can suggest that spring is just around the corner and when it comes to spring cleaning – have you taken a good look at your front door lately – is the draughtproofing still effective, are the glazed panels intact – no cracks or broken seals – is the letterplate still intact, with its weather seal – has your door survived the winter without warping and creating draughts – is your door frame solidly fixed and your door  sitting snugly in the frame. 

If you answered “YES” to all of the above then it is quite probable that you have sometime during the last five years had a new composite front door installed – quite possibly by Global Door – we install thousands and our TRUST PILOT REVIEWS just keep on telling us how much our customers enjoy our product and service.

If you answered “NO” to any of the above maybe it’s time that you joined the ranks of the tens of thousands of individuals who just love their new Composite Front Door – your hardest decision once you have decided upon style colour and budget will be deciding where you go to buy your new door.  Back to those TRUST PILOT REVIEWS Global are consistent at so many levels Quality, Service, Choice, Price, Ease of use of the web site – so many of the reviews say so that they can not all be wrong. If we have not already tempted you to take a look at Global Door you need look no further than the first page of our web site(which is where we took the graphic below from) to be convinced as to just how competitively priced our doors are –

That little blue circle that adorns each of the above doors is very important to many of our clients – if you are a suitable qualifying individual, we can provide you with 0% Finance – just to make this purchase that little bit easier

the bit of essential reading we recommend all of our potential customers read, click on any of the icons they all take you to our Consumer Protection page where we explain your rights and what we do to protect them. Global Door have been in business as a part of the GFD Group of companies for over ten years and we take pride in running our business in a correct professional and proper manner and as you will see we have the certificates to prove what we say.

When we install your new front door, we want you to be happy, we want you to recommend us to your friends and family, if you should perchance have a problem with your door we will come back and rectify it because the next time we want to hear from you is when you come back and order another new front door or one of the many other fenestration products that are available through any of our group companies GFD Homes, Bi Fold Door Prices, Composite Door Prices or Eurosecure.