They have something very important in common?

A sturdy little boat and your suburban front door have one very important component in common – particularly if you purchase your new front door from Global Door. The hull of the boat is designed to keep water out and allow the boat to float and the choice of material is key – the hull of many boats is made from moulded GRP – the same GRP that is used as the 2mm thick through coloured cladding that is used on all of our doors. If it is strong enough and watertight enough to keep a boat afloat we can pretty much guarantee our doors will keep the rain out of your home no matter how severe the storm.

Water tightness is not the only benefit the GRP cladding and edging brings to your door – because the cladding is applied to both sides and clamped in position and as the cladding does not absorb water like a timber door this prevents the door from warping during the changing of the seasons, which both minimises the possibility of draughts and as the door will not twist it is unlikely to stick.

The strength as shown in the construction of the hull of the boat is also a key factor in the durability of your door – GRP is a strong component as many a would-be burglar has discovered it will not easily crack or split under a high level of force making it more difficult to penetrate or break through than a conventional timber door.

The through coloured cladding allows the doors to be produced in a choice of thirteen colours – so there is a colour for any style and there are a lot of styles –

-and because of the durability of the GRP it provides a virtually maintenance free finish an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is normally all that is required to keep it looking as good as new and as it is “through coloured” it will not fade of discolour as the years roll by and those years could stretch out to circa thirty because that is the estimated life span of a Global door. We apologise for taking away the fun for all the DIY fanatics out there who enjoy the annual sanding and painting of their front door – it simply is not required with a Global Door.

It is sometimes the little things we forget – no redecorating and you are doing your bit to help the environment and of course if your door lasts the anticipated thirty years its cost efficiency will be pretty impressive.

The cost efficiency of your door is enhanced by more than just the GRP cladding – the door has to have a core and in this instance, it is a Polyurethane foam core (!00% CFC free – helping the planet again) which is reinforced with a PVC sub frame, hardwood inner frame to provide torsional rigidity, edged all around with 2mm PVC edge banding – the whole construction adds further to the thermal efficiency of the door.

We cannot promise that your new Global Door will float, the similarity with the boat has to end somewhere, but if you install one today we can be pretty certain that you will still be admiring its appearance, thermal efficiency, durability and cost efficiency right up until the day you decide to change it and maybe that might just be in thirty years time.