We all know that technology moves at a frightening pace. Global Door are proud to be one of the pioneers of E-Commerce sales in the double glazing industry, as little as a few year ago it would have seemed ridiculous to consider buying a new front door online. However, as customers have become more sophisticated in the way they shop and concepts such as salesmen, showrooms and ridiculously over-priced quotes are thankfully becoming a thing of the past, there is no denying that the industry has started to evolve.

One such company who are also attempting to push the boundaries is Yale – arguably the biggest home security manufacturer today and a company Global Door are proud to be associated with. As an official Yale supplier we were all very impressed with their latest product, the keyless entry handle. This revolution in home security allows you to open your door remotely using a fob as you would your car, and also has a keypad on the handle as well. This means you can gain access to your property using a pin, and can even set multiple pins for different people!

The Yale keyfree entry system is more than just a fancy gadget as well, it is incredibly secure and practical. The design is sturdy and well made, and screams class from a mile away. The unit is ran off batteries, and will give you plenty of verbal warning before the batteries run out!

And this time Yale have thought of everything. In the unlikely event that the electrics did fail (or you lose your fob) there is a standard key cylinder as a fail-safe.

The feedback we have had from customers has been phenomenal regarding this new product, call us today to find out more.