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As the first month of 2015  draws to an end, Global and the team around us have been quick to work on new initiatives for the year.

Global range of Composite Doors has long been a favourite of customers throughout the land, but we’ve been listening to your demands for even more choices.

We did think a range which offered 940,000,000,000 (940 billion) different permutations would be enough to satisfy even the most demanding, but we heard you wanted more, so, we’ve given you more!

In the range of our new Contemporary Composite Doors Range of Hardware.

More and more people are wanting a modern feel to their homes facade, and with our new ranges we have given you just that!

In the world of doors this is highly exciting, and while the staff here are busy doing the calculations, its fair to say that with a Trillion different options.. we have something for everyone

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