And this is storm?

Yes! the Maritime Quay at Hartlepool does look this good but not normally with snow.

The more normal view

The ship is the HMS Trincomalee

Not that we here at GFD HQ are obsessed by the weather (we just wish it would get a bit warmer) but if the latest announced storm Storm Jake hit the UK on 2nd March where do we stand with today the 7th of Mays morning snow fall that fell through much of the North East of England. There were no severe winds and yes it was cold but none of the preceding storms produced any snow of significance in this area (that’s at sea level) so do we take it that this was not a storm or has someone just failed to mention that Katie has arrived – or maybe it is Jake just hanging around.

So far se seem to have used up approx. 50% of the met Offices allocated names “why do storms have names and what’s next” and as we now well into March it is looking like storms may run out before names do which is pretty bad news for our prediction of the worst storm of the winter when back in January in our article “what’s in a name” we predicted bookmakers would be taking odds on the name for the worst storm – our predictions were –

Even money Tegan

2/1 Vernon

4/1 Eva

8/1 Clodagh

10/1 the field

So much for our guess as it does not look like we will even reach Tegan or Vernon – better luck next year perhaps.

However, although this may not have been the worst of winters it is worth remembering that up to 11 % of your properties core temperature can be lost through badly fitting(draughty) or poorly insulated doors and as current legislation requires that all new doors sold and fitted in England & Wales must have a “U” value not exceeding 1.8W/m2K and the lower level of (1.6W/m2K applying in Scotland) (the U-value of a door is a measurement of its energy efficiency), the lower the value, the more energy efficient it will be, maybe it is time that you considered a new front or back door.

It is now extremely simple to determine how efficient your door is as

every new door should have a simple A-G rating. A being the best

performance but C and above have excellent insulation performance.

The rating your door will be influenced by its glazing content.

When you receive your new door you should also receive a certificate

Which looks like this one.

Come rain, come shine or even snow and ice a new front door from Global Door  will protect you from whatever the elements may throw and it will have a “Door energy Efficiency Certificate “ to prove its credentials. Normally between an A-C but if that’s not good enough we can supply optional upgrades. The whole range of eighteen doors in a choice of thirteen colours look great whether it is traditional or contemporary we have a style to sui tall requirements.


From the traditional      The Sunburst in dark wood


To the Contemporary The Four Square in Chartwell Green.

The best way to check out whether we have the door for you visit our web site Global Door