When I retire I would like ………..how many times have you heard that phrase ………..and the normal answer when the less practical options have been discounted is –

A bungalow by the sea.

Unfortunately, if the current building trends continue this is one dream that is going to become harder and harder to achieve with the ever growing population the need for family homes has rapidly overtaken the need for retirement homes and although statistics tell us we have an ageing population bungalows are not the most cost effective use of land when the “developer” considers his options. The attached table taken straight from a BBC article “Why has Britain stopped building bungalows” pretty much highlights the demise that has hit this most traditional of British properties.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.45.40

Here at Global Door we are quite saddened by the reduction in numbers of new bungalow’s being built as they are a part of the British landscape we have all grown up with, however on the other hand we are quite encouraged that building of any form of new homes is again on the increase.

As on line suppliers of quality composite doors we appreciate that the majority of our trade is based upon replacement of existing doors and without the constant renewal of the countries property stock we could be faced with an ever decreasing market of potential customers.

Here at Global Door   we have a soft spot for the bungalow it rarely provides us with more than one replacement door but invariably locations are nice and as many of our bungalow customers are slightly older they know how to make a cracking cup of tea, which is always appreciated by our installation teams

As the majority of our bungalow installations as the above survey suggests are of a slightly older age they are perfectly suited to the introduction of one of our Classic range of Victorian or Edwardian style doors as the perfect replacement front door.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.46.14

All of these beauties would grace any “bungalow by the sea” and if you are one of the fortunate individuals who has an extra wide or an extra high front entry that provides us with no problems – you design it on our designer page and we can make and install it even if it’s as complicated as this example.

With a choice of thirteen traditional door styles in thirteen available colours and simply masses of glazing and accessory options here at Global Door we know that you will be able to design the perfect front door for your bungalow, safe in the knowledge that you can leave all the manufacturing and installation details here with ourselves at Global Door