The things we take for granted –

The internet is an amazing invention available on computers, laptops, tablets and even your phone, it is in fact so wonderful that we all take it for granted, but it was not always like that.

Picture the scene – you’re in the pub, youth club or even a friend’s house you see an advert on TV for something you decide you must have there and then – no problem there’s an active Wi-Fi link you can tap into and two minutes later with only the use of your “I” phone you have scanned the web, found the product and made the purchase. If you are under say twenty-five you will be asking “Is there another way” well there was.

Now think about that same scenario back in the 1980’s

In the beginning there was a keyboard, a monitor, a computer box, a British telecom connection   box, a modem (but not as we would know it), a separate floppy disc drive (the forerunner to CD) a lot of cable or a permutation of all of the above – and most important you needed a bit of good luck because is what it took to make a computer to computer link back in 1984 as this Nostalgic lookback “U” tube clip demonstrates.

It might have looked something like –

It will be hard for anyone in the aforementioned under twenty-five group to imagine just how much fun it was diverting the family phone line into a modem dialling by hand into a remote server flicking a few switches and hoping your telephone line would stay connected long enough write a mail or play a game before it crashed out – and on top of all that the visual quality was generally pretty pathetic.

Move forward 32 years and you can even by a door on line from your “I” phone your tablet or your computer in a matter of seconds all without having to undergo a short engineering course to equip you for the task. Back in 1984 a web was where spiders lived and a website as we now know it was all but non-existent, the High Street was still the place we went to buy things.

Here at GFD HQ we thankfully deal in a product Doors that has changed very slowly by comparison with technology, the principle and purpose of the door are little changed, only the materials have significantly varied – Timber will always be around, aluminium and UPVC have both had good times and Composite is currently King. The product we sell may not have changed but here at GFD Group HQ we believe in the technology of the internet which is why all of our sites –Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if its just accessories your after Eurosecure are all as user friendly , graphically appealing and crammed full of useful information as we can make them Back some eight or so years when the GFD Group was formed we already knew that as an online retailer we had to be able to give our customers what they wanted which is why we give gallery pages, door designers and live pricing as options on our web sites.

Even with doors as good as –

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 09.51.34

Although we at GFD may believe they are good enough to sell themselves we are only too aware that it is the power of the internet that allows us to bring them into your home to allow you to make the choice of which purchase you should make, we are truly grateful that the days of 1984 are behind us for it is only the constantly developing technology that allows companies such as ours to develop and grow.

Heres a little nostalgic look back, heres how in 1984 a simple email was sent (32 years ago!)