Passwords – is there anyone who does not hate them!

There is no easy way to remember them all unless of course you use one password for everything which is not recommended – life in the technological age is now dominated by passwords. The more secure the requirement the more complex the problem of proving your identity – we have had finger prints, palm prints, retina scanning, voice recognition, facial recognition etc in fact before you can get used to any of them we have moved on to the next level.

Does anyone ever consult the public as to what they want – not a chance.

Amazon have recently suggested that they are moving towards payment by selfie did they ask the public what they thought – probably not. Do they ever consider before they make these decisions that there are a vast number of people out there who hate having photographs taken let alone be dependent upon making payments by selfie?

It’s all well and good if you’re a petty young thing but what if you’re not quite so young and beautiful

But the whole concept does pose a number of questions –

Wonder how long it will be before someone decides that your credit rating can be decided by good looks?

Wonder if the Facial recognition Amazon are proposing is anything like that used for “Chipped Passports” one of the guys in the office and his lady were returning from holiday through a northern airport he had a “Chipped Facial recognition passport” she did not – he went through the “express” clearance in about an hour she had her passport scanned by a real live human being in ten minutes – if so their sales may plummet.

What happens if you change your appearance – grow a beard, a moustache, shave your head, or change your hair colour, the guy on the left would not only benefit from a good dental job it would no doubt dramatically alter the basic characteristics of his face, the young lady with short cropped hair and pillar box red hair would definitely attract a lower credit rating.

Here at Global Door we are pleased to announce that unlike Amazon we do not intend to move over to selfie recognition any time soon we shall for the foreseeable future be continuing with our current “secure” card payment system and assisting our customers where they require with our excellent 0% Finance deals