Who will decide when enough is too much?

Here at GFD HQ we are into our science and technology – that does not mean that we practice it it simply means that we are intrigued by the rate of development and the new experiences that every new development brings. As we grow that little bit older and new innovations seem to be more and more the property of the younger generation or at least those younger than ourselves even we begin to wonder are we the generation who used to grasp every new bit of technology with open arms ourselves becoming dinosaurs.

This whole concept that we are being left behind hit home with us really hard with a recent BBC news item “ can technology help us improve upon reality” in essence the article is about something called “augmented reality” hence the picture of a shark apparently lunging out of a flat screen – taken from a “kids” game that simply brings flat images to life – but that’s the simple definition. As this article states

“-Imagine walking on Mars and being able to examine rock formations from all angles, or collaborating on the same 3D hologram design with someone thousands of miles away.

Or imagine being able to diagnose and treat the diseases of people half way around the world while you remain in your clinic, or walking around a gallery and having your own holographic guide pointing things out to you on your smart glasses.

These are just some of the exciting examples of what “augmented reality” (AR) technology is beginning to offer us.”

Augmented reality defined as the overlaying digital information onto the physical world via an electronic device, whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet or smart glasses.

It is brilliant but also very scary – one simple question to consider – when new technology comes along we all use it but what percentage of the population either –

  1. Understand the mechanics and the capabilities of such inventions it

Or the scarier

  1. Could reinvent the technology that we are so dependent upon if catastrophe should ever strike.

Way back in the dark days of school one of the items of items of assigned reading was a short story by EM Forster called “The Machine Stops” back then we thought of it as pure science fiction but now it has a certain ring of possibility – the story revolves around the fact that mankind has taken to living underground and worships the machine that helps sustains life – the machine slowly breaks down and can no longer support the system and no one knows how to repair or replace- end of civilisation on earth. OK that’s a précised version but the underlying concept of do we the majority really understand the world we live in and the technology we take for granted – how would we cope if we had to reinvent everything.

Here at Global Door one of the GFD Group of companies we are pretty sure we could re-invent a door because it’s a simple concept – but an “internal combustion engine” a “computer “no chance and “artificial intelligence “or “augmented reality” and we do not even begin to understand.

Thankfully for the foreseeable future Global Door will continue to sell quality doors in twenty-one styles in thirteen colours with a multitude of glazing and hardware accessories and they all look as good as the one below –

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.10.39

The three diamond in Black with Cotswold Glazing

If you are more concerned about finding a new front door than the benefits of “augmented reality” simply check out the web site – Global Door – we may not be able to advise on technology in the wider environment but when it comes to doors if we know how to answer your questions and provide you with everything you need for the perfect new front door.