No we do not mean the above image we are referring to the Security Page on the Global Door web site – you are probably asking yourself –

“Why would a company whose aim is to sell doors direct their readers to the Security page on their web site rather than the pages that show the pretty pictures of the doors.

Answer – let’s start with 70% of household break ins occur through the front door

There are numerous ways form brute force to sophisticated lock snapping or bumping that the would be thief can force entry into your home so maybe Security should be a little higher on the average “wish list” – lock snapping and bumping are now so common that there are even instruction videos on “U” tube to assist our would be burglar – something like 16,000 of them according to official figures. They are not hard to find simply type “lock snapping” into your browser and prepare to be concerned, very concerned.

Our Security page simply re publishes facts that are well known within the industry but not necessarily to the public at large.

A door purchased from Global Door will comply with all the necessary standards for strength and durability PAS 23&24 and the standard locks fitted to door meet with all necessary standards and certification to deter the average criminal – but there is always more that can be done.

Glass is always a week point in any door so an upgrade to laminated glass should always be considered along with a spy hole and door chain – when you use our door designer and you have reached the stage where you have completed the design and moved to “continue to basket” option a pop up screen as shown below will offer you an upgrade to comply with Secured by Design standards (the ones approved by the Police and Insurance Companies) our advice – ignore this upgrade at your peril


The standard fixtures on our doors are very good but if you are looking for greater security – a stronger lock, single key locking, or locks for patio doors or any other security issues new or replacement may we suggest a visit to our sister company” Eurosecure” another member of the GFD group of companies where we may be able to advise or solve any security issues that you still may have.