So what comes next

With the announcement that “Morrisons have signed a deal to sell food to Amazon customers” it has to make anyone with a questioning mind wonder what comes next and how far will this commercial/ retail revolution go.

The accelerated death of the High Street perchance, quite possibly if we accept the other piece of much repeated news that the much increase in the minimum wage will force many retail traders out of business.

But is it all bad news surely any method of getting the goods and/or services the customer requires delivered to them in the most speedy and cost effective method has to be good – the very reason why internet shopping is growing in popularity. The one fact that we cannot avoid whether we love it or we hate it is that is that the internet has changed the way we shop forever. Anyone who looks back at the shopping methods of say the 1950’s with the limited product choice, limited shopping options corner rather than High Street shops would surely look at today’s Supermarkets and Hypermarkets and the range and diversity of products available and hail it as retail revolution. The birth of “e” commerce and the tie ups between the likes of Amazon and Morrisons is simply the next stage of that same revolution.

Here at GFD HQ we are firmly of the belief that “e” commerce is the way forward for virtually everything in the retail trade – we sell doors on line which once would have been considered impossible, if we can sell doors why not any other product.

At this point we would add that we do not currently have plans to either tie up with or take over the likes of Amazon.

At Global Door a GFD Group company we have built our reputation on providing a Quality product supported by a quality service both Sales and installation all delivered through a clear and informative website that shares with our potential customers everything we know, which is everything they need to know to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing one of our doors. Those who have decided to purchase from ourselves appear to agree that we are getting it about right – or that is what they tell us in their Trust Pilot Customer Reviews these reviews are gathered independently between Trust Pilot and the customer therefore we at GFD HQ have no influence over their content.

The bit we can influence is providing a choice of eighteen quality door styles in thirteen colours, a superb range of glazing and accessories an excellent installation service and if you need it a 0% finance deal.

So what come next at Global – our aim is to keep improving our products and service to ensure that every customer is a happy and satisfied customer who will write us glowing reports and recommend us to their family and friends.