Somewhere in a shopping precinct or a street corner somewhere near you you will either have or very soon will have one of these.

First it was foodstuffs from Morrison’s as we reported only a week ago in our article “so what comes next” and here we have yet another brilliant marketing concept from Amazon they seem to be springing up everywhere there is even one on the forecourt of the local garage.

Here at GFD HQ no one is actually owning up to having used one of these big yellow boxes but we have our suspicions that they are not all telling the truth as one or two staff members seemed to be well acquainted with locations operations etc. when the topic was discussed at random.

It is not too long ago that Amazon were advising that deliveries would be made by drones.

Doors, drones and big yellow boxes – now there is an interesting concept – something like this

turns up at the factory – picks up one of these –


A very nice “twin side” in Duck Egg Blue from Global Door

And flies it to a big yellow box somewhere near you where you can either pick it up and do a bit of DIY or leave it to us and have one of our driverless vans complete with a couple of robots come to pick up the door and pop round your place and carry out your installation.

If only it were that simple and maybe in the not too distant future, it will be – but there are a few draw backs with the above scenario –

Could a drone lift a door even if flying permission was granted

Our doors do not fit in the big yellow box

GFD Group do not have any driverless vans or robots

So for the foreseeable future it looks like our prospective customers will have to make do with our excellent Global Door web site which shows the full range of eighteen classic Doorstop doors available in thirteen colours with masses of glazing and hardware accessories, with delivery via conventional means of vans and drivers and human rather than robotic fitting teams – the fitting teams are easily recognised they are the ones who appreciate a nice cup of tea while they are working.

The science fiction future may be tantalisingly close but until it becomes a reality here at Global Door we will keep on attempting to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with a quality product and service and that’s without robots.