Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 13.49.37 All colours come in various shades, light and shadow can dramatically change their real life colour appearance and what makes it somewhat harder to be precise in this matter, is that not everyone’s eyes perceive colour in the same manner. The classic scenario of this variation in perception is where colours are close in the light spectrum, take for instance the confusion that arises between various shades of blue and green, an area  where numerous disputes arise as to which colour is which.

Here’s a great online colour test you can try from Xrite to see what we mean.

The problem does not always go away with the advances of modern technology, “the camera as they say never lies” but even in the digital age this is not strictly true, the camera may well take a precise and accurate still or moving picture that will not vary, but the various methods of viewing that picture may vary dramatically. We all adjust the colour, contrast and brightness on our Television sets, computer monitors, tablets, phones etc to fit with what is comfortable for our own eyes and this is one of the key factors which can create the misperceptions in colour. Unfortunately, it does not step there, in these days of mega pixels, high res, low res etc how can we ever be sure of that the actual colour we see on an original item bears any resemblance to the colour that is reproduced when we examine it through a viewing medium.

All very hypothetical and in most areas of life, irrelevant,  it is generally not necessary to be sure that the colour of any object is recorded with 100% accuracy when viewed digitally. However, there are some instances where the accuracy of colour is essential, for example, decorating, matching paint colours or paint to wallpaper or fitment and fixtures to the general decor, or even the one that greatly concerns ourselves at Global Door, ensuring that the colours of our composite doors which we display on our web site, are as accurately reproduced and true to the original as possible.

For all of the previously mentioned reasons we cannot guarantee the colours as seen by our customers on their monitors etc will reflect the exact colour we believe we are displaying, As we have no control over our customers viewing medium and their settings may not match our own it is possible that misconceptions can occur. We have previously addressed this problem by providing, upon request, a sample of the GRP cladding used on the customers chosen door, which is acceptable if the customer alredy has a fixed and firm idea of the colour they require, they want a blue door, we provide a blue sample swatch. At Global Door although we know this system works well, we want to do more to assist our customers in making the key decision of colour, so, we have commissioned and produced a booklet of colour guide swatch’s that match exactly the colour and grain effect of our doors. We know they match because we have tested door and swatch side by side and we have not stopped at one colour, the complete range of ten colours are all accurately reproduced as 140mm x 190mm samples.

At Global Door we endeavour to make the purchasing experience as easy as possible for our customers, so, if you are having difficulty in choosing your door colour click the appropriate link on our web site and we shall be pleased to forward you a free Colour Guide Booklet, so you can be assured that our door will match your decor.