Composite Fire Doors from Global

Composite Fire Doors from Global

Fire doors are constructed in such a manner that the integration of the various manufactured components which all have some fire resistance qualities which when they are combined into the manufactured door can guarantee a fire rating as that certified.

At Global door we do not believe there should be any mystery over the components that are used to give the door its fire rating so here they are:


  • An inner door leaf which features a Strebord (44mm type 11FD) core which is a highly engineered multi layered particle board specially designed for Fire door applications and which is covered by the Q-Mark Fire Door Scheme.
  • Intumescent strips which foam and swell in the event of fire, thus filling the gap between the door and frame preventing the flow of hot gases and smoke.
  • An Autolock system which is designed to provide Fire doors with security and safety by automatically engaging two solid high tensile steel hooks and central latch, into a steel  keep located on the doorframe, keeping the door stronger for longer during a fire.
  • Glaverbel Pyrobelite _re-resistant glass features throughout the Fire door range. Obscure insulating glass, Pyrobelite offers good sound reduction properties and also acts as a safety glass complying with the impact test requirements of BS 6206. Pyrobelite fire resistant glass is tested and approved according to BS 476: Part 22 for both integrity and insulation.

The use of and positioning of Fire Doors in buildings is governed by the legal requirements as set out in the Building Regulations should you wish to check out all of the requirements applicable to fire doors they are available at – but it is a weighty and complex document not recommended for bed time reading In summary when the April 2007 regulations relating to fire doors were modified, the guidance note requires that a building is divided into compartments, protecting escape routes, such as corridors and staircases and that protection is to be provided by Fire Doors

As the rules have changed so has the choice of fire doors improved check out the Global Fire Door range web site they now come in a variety of styles

  • Jacobean
  • Colonial
  • Windsor
  • Flush Grain

and a range colours, white, blue, red, green, rosewood and light oak so they can be integrated into your office or home colour schemes, When you purchase your FD 30 rated fire door from Global Door the price that you see on the screen is the price that you pay and that price includes installation anywhere throughout the UK.