Composite Fire Doors from Global

Composite Fire Doors from Global


There are doors and there are fire doors, but the only fire doors that you can really trust are those which have been stringently tested and approved by a registered certifying body, only then will the doors be certified and an FD 30/ 60 etc certificate issued. The Global door range of fire doors have all complied with the requirements of The performance of modified composite door sets and glazed elements designed to provide 30 minute fire resistance in accordance with BS 476 Part 22 1987

As a result of recent legislation the requirements for domestic dwellings above two levels, are that every door leading from a stairwell (at all levels) to a habitable room (i.e not a bathroom or w/c) MUST BE A FIRE DOOR. Fire doors are also required in loft conversions; between house and integral garage; and between the business and residential elements in a mixed-use building. For further information re the use of fire doors in domestic property we would recommend the following BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme documents. – opens new window – opens new window

The most common misconception with regard to fire doors is that they  will prevent the spread of fire this is incorrect, the primary purpose of a Fire Door above all else is to hinder the spread of fire it can only realistically do so if it is in the closed position. It is important to note the use of the term hinder; meaning to delay rather than prevent -therefore a door with an FD 30 rating is designed to hinder the spread of fire for a period of some 30 minutes.

A correctly functioning Fire door is designed to – Hinder the spread of fire, smoke & heat throughout a building

  • Hinder the spread of fire, smoke & heat onto escape routes
  • Provide increase protection to storage areas e.g. data or combustible material
  • Provide a minimum of 30 minutes resistance to fire, smoke and heat to a compartmentalised safe area

As the rules have changed so has the choice and availability of fire doors improved – check out the Global door Fire door on the Global door web site where you will find f the new and improved variety of styles;

  • Jacobean
  • Colonial
  • Windsor
  • Flush Grain

Which are all available in a range colours, white, blue, red, green, rosewood and light oak so they can be integrated into your home colour schemes

The mandatory fire regulations now mean that fire doors are a necessary requirement in every new home or one where alterations have been undertaken, when you buy a composite fire door from Global door you can be assured that your fire doors will comply with all current legislation and we will give you a certificate to prove it complies, if you want the best selection at the most competitive prices  from a trusted supplier with a very informative web site check out the Global Door  web site – you will not be disappointed.