Fire Doors that work

When you see credentials such as those above – not only does it look impressive – it actually is impressive and it screams out that someone has taken the trouble to ensure that the product it describes has been tested as thoroughly as possible to ensure that it performs exactly as it should.

Global Composite Fire Doors

All of the above text is taken straight from the web site of Door-stop International the providers of the suppliers of the “FD 30s” fire door to Global Door – at Global Door our on-line reseller business of selling composite doors is built upon our ability to provide a quality product and service at a competitive price our working relationship with Door-stop goes back some ten years – they manufacture we vet and decide which of their products we will market on our web site. In the case of fire doors our customers asked if we could supply them, we checked out the market and decided that the “FD30s” was a door which both we and our customers could trust.

A fire door that you can trust has become a very emotive issue in the wake of the Grenfell disaster and it is our opinion here at Global Door that this door falls firmly into that category, any visitor to our Fire Door web page will note that we reproduce all of the certification and credentials used on the original Doorstop web site albeit in a slightly different format because we want our customers to be assured that they are buying a door that they can trust.

A properly specified, installed and maintained fire door will stop smoke spreading into other areas of the property allowing residents to escape – the correct testing of the door is essential and the BWF l (British Woodworking Federation ) logo and certification which is used on both Door-stop and Global web sites is your guarantee that you have a door which complies with the latest legislation and which will delay the spread of smoke and flame for the designated specification period of the door ie FD30s = 30 minutes.

The BWF have produced an excellent video “freely available on YouTube” which we have copied here and which gives an excellent guide as to what to look for when purchasing and installing a Fire Door.

The rules related to Fire doors apply whether you are a householder or a landlord and although many people believe that their local Fire Brigade is responsible for signing off “Fire Safety” for their homes (particularly in landlord owned blocks) this is not the case – any advice given by a Fire Officer is given as guidance rather than mandatory and therefore is not always followed by householders / landlords for any number of reasons the most common of which is cost. The Building Regulations which have been much maligned after recent disasters are the guideline for what is actually required in properties to prevent the spread of smoke and fire and these documents are both complex and open to interpretation.

The most common criticism of fire doors was that they were bulky, unattractive and had obtrusive door closers and horrible Georgian Wired Glass – a visit to our Fire Door web page will very quickly assure the reader that this is no longer the case for example –

this rather attractive white two panel two square is a fire door –

it is only one of our attractive range of styles and they are all available in a large choice of colours

the obtrusive surface mounted door closer can be replaced with a “concealed closer” which is inset into the door frame and body of the door jamb

the Georgian Wired glass has been replaced with 7mm Pyrodur fire resistant glass as standard – available in in clear or obscure and 100% wire free.

The majority of our standard Composite door styles are now available as Fire Doors –

Be safe if you are in any doubt as to whether a fire door is required go for the safe option – order one now.

As stated earlier and in the video it is essential that Fire Doors are correctly installed and the best way that you can ensure this is to use the services of the Global “First Class Installation “ service – we are tried and tested with ten years of experience (only because that’s as long as we have been trading) in installing Composite and Composite Fire Doors.

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