Fire Door Upgrades by Global Composite Doors

Fire Door Upgrades by Global Composite Doors


Fire doors upgrades – thinking of carrying out a few property alterations then you probably need to think about upgrading to fire doors in some locations as they are now an essential requirement when any alterations are carried out to an existing property, equally the requirements for the use of Fire doors in new properties are considerably more stringent than have previously been require.

Where will you now need to incorporate fire doors where you did not do so before -– if you want to read the full government document it is available at but it is a weighty and complex document not recommended for bed time reading

In summary the April 2007 regulations relating to fire doors were modified, whereby the guidance requires that a building is divided into compartments, protecting escape routes, such as corridors and staircases.

In domestic dwellings above two levels, every door leading to the stairwell (at all levels) must be a fire door, where the door leads to a habitable room. (i.e not a bathroom or w/c). Fire doors are also required in loft conversions; between house and integral garage; and between the business and residential elements in a mixed-use building.

In a compartment wall that separates buildings, the fire door must match the fire resistance period of the wall containing the door with a minimum period of 60 minutes. In all other situations, a 30 minute fire door (FD30) is allowed. For further information re the use of fire doors in domestic property we would recommend the following BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme documents. – opens new window – opens new window

All of the above covers the technical reasons and requirements for Fire door upgrades, but where can you find a trusted retailer and installer of these doors the answer is Global Fire door a company with a proven track record who can deliver and install nationwide A visit to the Global door web site will allow you to browse the choice of styles available to you-

  • Jacobean
  • Colonial
  • Windsor
  • Flush Grain

All of which are available in a range  of colours in white, blue, red, green, rosewood and light oak so your new fire door can be designed to match your home colour decor.

All Global Fire doors in order to receive the FD rating must undergo stringent testing in accordance with the following directive The performance of modified composite door sets and glazed elements designed to provide 30 minute fire resistance in accordance with BS 476 Part 22 1987 only when such standard has been achieved will a door be guaranteed the appropriate certification

If your proposed new door includes glazed panels you will also have to consider your choice of glass , Global door has this covered,. Glaverbel  Pyrobelite fire-resistant glass features throughout the Global Fire door range. Obscure insulating glass, Pyrobelite offers good sound reduction properties and also acts as a safety glass complying with the impact test requirements of BS 6206. Pyrobelite fire resistant glass is tested and approved according to BS 476: Part 22 for both integrity and insulation. The Global door web site should have the answer to all of your questions and our door designer should allow you to make the correct choices even for fire doors in glazed screens, however should you have any doubts or concerns as to the requirements of Fire door upgrades please call Global door, we are there to help and ensure you buy the right fire door for your requirements.