When Black is the colour, sophistication and timeless elegance are assured when you choose it as the colour of your new front door. Why? Simply because black is black, not a shade or a tone, or mixture of colours that are in vogue at any given moment in time. The nearest rival to black, white, now comes in a variation of shades therefore black is now truly unique in that it has stood the tests of time and alone retained its individuality.

Here’s our gallery with over 60 images of black composite doors and all our own work:

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Buying or selling, first impressions really do count when it comes to choosing a front door colour, recent research suggests that it takes seconds to decide whether or not to buy a property, once you have checked out the external appearance the focus of attention becomes the front door; it is here that you stand and wait before entering the possible home of your dreams. If the colour is not to your taste and you are uncertain of the style, the viewing starts from a negative, no matter how impressive the interior may be.

We all have our favourite and we all believe we know what looks best on our property, when frequently all we are doing is taking the lead from the neighbours, seeing what they have done and choosing whichever of their chosen colours looks best on our style of property.

However, now that the choice and availability of colours is almost limitless, there is no need to copy anyone else, we have ample opportunity to express our own personality through the colour of our front door, our chosen colour can and should transform the appearance of the property which is the major investment in our lives, and the correct choice of style and colour of the front door can only enhance that investment.

But what colour and which style. The choice of colours grows almost daily, colours that were never previously available other than as a painted options are now available in the “through coloured” GRP skins that adorn composite doors.

If you have any doubts but want to be sure you have made the correct choice there is one colour that looks good on any property, and in any style, nothing other than stained or polished natural wood matches the sophistication and timeless elegance of black.

Try thinking of all the famous buildings of real quality that you know, if the door is not a beautifully carved and stained and made of natural wood, the likes of which now are rarely manufactured, it will be a black, matt or full gloss it is immaterial if its black. Look no further than one of the most famous addresses in the country which carries a number ten and is a classic example of this elegance. It is the only way in and out of the prime minister’s residence – a black Georgian door flanked by a dutiful police officer – it has been in position operating for some three hundred years and but for a period between 1908 – 1916 has always been black.

Except of course when it went pink in support of breast cancer charities

Although composite doors come in a number of wood grained colours, a black composite door in any style can always be enhanced by the addition of the by the correct choice of hardware and glazing options. Although the most famous black door has brass furniture, chrome is the modern choice for most customers.

Spoil yourself make your choice of front door a new composite  black front door,  add the gold hardware and secure  that sophistication and  timeless elegance which will be envy of family,  friends and neighbours for years to come.