“Do not gaze too long into the Internet of Things, for it gazes also into you.”

Quote from United States Director of National Intelligence – James Clapper

If we are to believe what some of the best brains on the planet are telling us the day is rapidly approaching when the “Internet of Things” is going to change the world forever, so what is it that could cause such concern among so many – the simplest definition we are aware of is –

“a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data”

Which means all sorts of everyday systems and appliances could be talking to each other or even to us???

If you think this cartoon is a bit farfetched take a look at the article from which we lifted James Clappers quote –“ Spy Fridge: the internet of things meets the surveillance state” or the recent Guardian article “What is the Internet of Things” an interesting and absorbing article from which we took the following quote describing the merits /demerits of the IoT (yeah we can get modern here at GFD HQ ) we can work out that IoT stands for Internet of Things –

“The popular, if silly, example is the smart fridge: what if your fridge could tell you it was out of milk, texting you if its internal cameras saw there was none left, or that the carton was past its use-by date?”

or maybe it was just so we could justify placing a cartoon in our blog –

if you want to see another Guardian take on “smart fridges” click on the above link – the smart fridge – the individual who wrote this second article we would guess is probably more in tune with the majority of us mere mortals.

The strangest thing about the IoT is it’s not new the concept has been around for years but it is slowly and quietly infiltrating our lives and we simply see it as progress -take for example the use of Apps to turn on home appliances which we now take for granted that’s a very very small example of IoT at work

In a recent blog “who is blogging who” we touched on surveillance in a light hearted manner but that was about spies – the IoT is something different whether we want it or not it is well on its way to every home it could be great for many things and a lot more sinister for others – but the one way we at Global Door are pretty sure that the one way IoT will not infiltrate your home is through one of our new front doors –

Yes they are beautiful and stylish, 21 of them and they come in a choice of 13 colours all with matching accessories except for one –

“they do not have microchips that allow them to be contacted by the IoT” – that is the doors do not

– but if you are into electronic locks even we at Global Door fall through the IoT net because we can supply you with a Yale electronic smart lock that does allow App access and operation – like we said the Iot is getting in everywhere and we do not realise.

But back to the doors- when we say they are good this is what we mean stylish and competitively priced –


A better and possibly safer IoT free product that will give you years of pleasure without ever telling you what to do???

You do not have to take our word as gospel because when we are describing our doors we are biased – just visit our Global Door web site and make up your own mind it is after all about a 95% IoT free zone (that’s if we forget about the computer you are using to access the site.