Nativity play sponsored by Global  Door Act 2

The Continuation

has finished and sheep number forty one is safely tucked up in bed, Mr Higgins picks up the Nativity Play Programme and starts to scan through it “twenty pages seems a bit excessive for a school play programme” he remarks.

His wife raised her head from her magazine and retorted “well there were a lot of children involved, does our Joshua get a mention”

Father turns s to Page 1 List of Character in order of appearance and begins to recite

Joseph – played by Jimmy Brown

Mary– played by Melanie Murphy

Door to Inn – played by itself a “Victorian style composite door” tastefully finished in a red wood grain complete with a delightful “English rose” glass motif adorning the glazed panels  and matching accessories finished in gold and purchased on line from Global door

Inn keeper –played by Freddie Williams

Door to stable – played by itself a simple and unpretentious Match board pattern door finished in rustic brown to blend with the natural grain of the timber of the stable complete with matching accessories in Matt black to give that true stable feel and purchased on line from Global door

Mrs Higgins interjects “Our Joshua”

Mr Higgins flicks through the pages – “Here he is on page eight Sheep forty one Joshua Higgins”

“What are the other pages for?” asked Mrs Higgins

“Credits and acknowledgments” responded her husband

“Well the WI must be No1 for knitting seventy six sheep costumes” said his wife.

“Well actually no, cast goes to page 10 and credits start page 11 and pages 11 to 19 are thanking Global door for providing the doors for the Inn and the stable and there are some lovely pictures of their doors. Did you know that every Global door is manufactured to exacting factory standards and must comply with stringent quality control criteria and it will comprise –

  • a reinforced hardwood frame
  • a solid thermally insulated polyurethane foam core slab
  • a 2mm thick durable GRP through coloured skin to prevent warp, twist bow etc which is grained to mimic the appearance of a wooden door, it will not fade or rot and the only maintenance required is a wipe with a damp cloth.
  • a thickness of 44mm which adds to the strength and creates a strong secure door.


Plus they also offer

  • Styles twenty of them – from Victorian to match boarded  and everything in between
  • Colours seven of them and each with a  wood grain finish
  • Glazing styles – at last count forty two of them from clear to ornate patterns with a multitude of obscure options somewhere there in between,
  •  Accessories in a choice of three colours – more options than they can list


that’s your present solved”

“Found the WI thanks note Page 20 last paragraph “Thanks to the WI for knitting seventy six sheep costumes “

“Funny it does not say who played the aliens” said Mr Higgins as he and his wife simultaneously began to doze off to sleep in their chairs


Post Script – the aliens were played by themselves but unfortunately had to leave straight after the performance to attend another play on Alpha Centauri

Coming soon look out for Global Door does a Christmas carol