Evolution never ends – or does it

The BBC News channel recently ran an interesting article entitled “Why did the half plane half helicoptor not work” – although the first helicopter only flew some eighty years ago back in the 1950s and 60s the governments of the day were attemting to market the hybrid half helcopter half plane known as the Fairy Rotodyne as a form of mass transportation – it failed. The heli- plane proved to be commercially unviable mainly because no one wanted to suffer the intense it made during take off landing and flight, in fact pretty much all of the time.

Although the concept never worked for transport purposes for military aviation purposes a similar principle of vertical lift and foreward propulsion worked brilliantly for the Harrier Jump Jet – why did we ever abandon this brilliant concept – the only aeroplane I have ever seen hover and bow to a cheering crowd.

The Fairy Rotodyne

The Harrier Jump jet

And then in the evolution of the vertical takeoff – forward propulsion aeroplane – “nothing” or at least very little until possibly this –

The TriFan 600 but it is probably not worth getting too excited about currently it is only a concept as revealed in this article “the World’s first vertical takeoff Jet”

Whether we will ever see a vertical takeoff forward propulsion plane is still speculation so much for evolution of a brilliant concept

When it comes to our speciality here at Global Door we wonder if we can also be accused of the same lack of availability to further develop a product. At the very least we can us the same arguments as the aviation industry that functionality frustrates the concept of development. Early doors were boulders to block cave entries followed by crude timber framed structures and eventually more sophisticated timber structures such as this early framed ledged and braced door.

When this is compared to one of our more sophisticated Doorstop doors from Global Door it is not hard to see that with the arrival of the composite door – doors have most definitely evolved


The four square in grey with grey frame and contemporary handles

This is the sort of door that would look good on any home without the need for completely redesigning and remodelling your home to incorporate something radical such as-

This may look great on your average Spaceship but not so clever on your typical three bed semi in the suburbs.

So has the average front door evolved as far as it can here at Global Door we do not think so but any future evolution will have to go hand in hand with a radical re think of the way we live and how we design our homes.

For any prospective front door purchaser who is looking for a new door right here and now the Global door web site takes some beating – crammed full of informative information – with a door designer so can personalise your door to your own exacting standards – twenty three styles traditional and contemporary – thirteen external colours and a multitude of choice of glazing and accessories and we guarantee they will all look great on any traditional suburban property.