How many Charity Bags do you receive ?

Just like you Doctor would prescribe medicines, take one of these twice a day – with the same regularity bags the “Charity Bag” tumbles through your letterbox – take one of these four or five times a week. The four or five is not a wild guess that is what is actually received in our household.

Here in the GFD HQ offices we reckon that these Charity organisations are definitely missing a trick – we shall explain – unless you are prepared to part with your hard earned cash and pop down the High Street to buy an endless supply of new clothes – not to wear but to place straight in the Charity bag there is no way that anyone could satisfy the appetite of albeit the well meaning institutions who provide us with this supply of generally pretty good quality plastic bags. Our straw poll suggests that most Charity Bags are in the main used for household or garden refuse rather than the intended use now here is the trick we think that they are missing.

As these the majority of these bags are provided without handles we reckon that the first Charity who provided one with handles and added words something like –

“you are now carrying your shopping home in a bag provided by “(name of the Charity)”

– would make an absolute killing in the publicity stakes, would instantly wipe out the need for the   5 pence carrier would reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation and ultimately save the planet.

Here at GFD HQ we do not require any reward for our genius – just a simple acknowledgment in any subsequent publicity will do.

At Global Door and all of the other outlets in the GFD Group of companies Timber Composite Doors, , Fusion Door,   and Composite Door Prices we are acutely aware of the problems that bad packaging can create – as we also install many of our doors we have ourselves been the recipient of damaged goods, material shortages and all of the other frustrations that come with badly packaged doors.

Our philosophy at GFD HQ is simple if it is not good enough for ourselves it is not good enough for our customers – we have therefore worked with our suppliers to ensure that every door we recommend comes adequately protected – see through shrink wrapping – corner protection and all loose parts separately packaged against a checked inventory and securely fixed within the packaging along with all the certification and guidance notes you would expect of a door of this quality.

If you are looking for a door that looks as good as these two below and you want it to last for thirty plus years then you want it to look good from the start of its life as we say at Global Door                 “an installation without frustration is a happy installation” and that is the experience which we want all Global Door customers to enjoy and there is no better way of doing so than taking advantage of our “First Class” installation service.

Global Composite Doors

If these are the sort of new front doors that would interest you a visit to our Global Door, web site will provide you with all the information you need to purchase the door that you want designed to your own exacting standards – we will do the rest to turn your designs into a reality.