Goodbye Philae – RIP

Here at Global Door we loved it while it lasted Philae the robot landing gear dropped on the comet 67 P chuyumov-gerasimenko as part of the European Space Agency Rosetta mission in 2014 seems to have finally been dispatched to the great scrap yard in the sky as all recent attempts to make contact with it have failed as recorded in this recent news article –History making Philae faces “Eternal Hibernation” on Comet”

We had a bit of fun with the little fellow with or blogs about finding Einsteins face in the rock formations and the comets strange likeness to a Chinese Dragon but it looks like it’s all over and the batteries have finally given up for our little friend – we are going to miss you.

Back to the day job of selling doors – whilst we have been covering Philae’s adventures a lot has changed in the Global world – back last autumn we launched our new web site – it’s bigger better more responsive and crammed full of all the information you need to know to make an informed choice when looking for your new front door. The star of the show is our new door designer which makes it easier and quicker for you to design the door you really want and with a choice of twenty one styles in thirteen colours and a multitude of accessories that final choice is never going to be easy. We have now made our door designer into a simple step by step format so that each time you take a step to develop your design you will see the door of your choice gradually take shape and with each step and once you have finished we will show you the DIY price for your door and offer you the choice of upgrading to incorporate our “First Class installation” service.

Just to allow you to see what you could be missing – in the best “Blue Peter” style here are two we prepared earlier.

Global Composite Doors

Some thin else that has changed since we first met Philae is that Global Door now offer finance – so if your finances are just a little stretched after Christmas we can help them take the strain by offering 0% finance to selected customers – check out the link to find out more