We like to keep abreast of things here in the GFD Offices – the home of your favourite on line door companies – Timber Composite Doors / Global Door / Fusion Door to name but three of our outlets – so there we were checking out the BBC News – the proposed Rosetta Mission to land a robotic machine (the Philae) on a comet, pretty adventurous stuff.

When leafing through the article one of our more sharp sighted individuals suddenly shouted out “anybody see what I am seeing in this picture” we have reproduced the exact photograph of the proposed landing site for the robot – check it out for yourself we have neither cheated or enhanced any images – the photograph is the exact one in the original article. So what did our sharp eyed observer see in this landing site the clue is in the second photograph – with a little coaching we could all see it – the face of Albert Einstein there in the topography of the landing site on Comet 67P/Chuyumov-Gerasimenko.

If you wonder where we were looking try the top left corner of the photograph.



Not that we are particularly suspicious here in the office but it set us wondering – its dated Oct not 1st April – could there be any other clues a quick scan of the article made no reference to E=mc2 or similar references to “theories of relativity” so presumably it’s the genuine article and a mere trick of the light.

Or is it – we at GFD are not sure – watch this space for updates on our findings, take a look below and see if you can see what we do?