At the GFD Group of companies – Timber Composite DoorsGlobal DoorFusion Door,Composite Door pricesThe Trade Village and Global sash Windows we like to think that we set the bar for our Group and individual company achievements pretty high – but not today.



When some two years ago the Austrian Felix Baumgartner made World history in a blaze of publicity by beating the previous altitude record articles and photographs were all over the news and media – not this time Alan Eustace has gone about the business of planning and launching his flight in virtual secrecy without attempting to court the media’s attention – a stance to be admired considering his profile within Google. It takes a certain kind of courage to put on a space suit strap yourself to a paper thin balloon and set off for the unknown probably even more than is required to be a VP in one of the world’s biggest companies.

At the GFD Group as an online retailer of doors and windows we rely heavily upon the wonders of the internet and the technology of companies such as Google – without them we would not have the viable business model we have today. It is therefore reassuring to see that the individuals who run such companies are not that dissimilar to we mere mortals who use their services and they too have their own individual hopes, dreams and aspirations as well as those of their companies, it makes the companies seem a little less remote.

MarkEustaceGoogleBalloonThe GFD Group will never achieve the heady heights of a Google but the achievements of Alan Eustace in both business and his personal successes show how much the human spirit can achieve with the correct mind set.

Congratulations again

We salute you Mr Alan Eustace.

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