And the next object is ???


Way back in the dark ages of television (the 1950’s) existed a quiz programme called Animal ,Vegtable, Mineral where the objectof the quiz was for the panel to identify an object / artefact – hence the catchphrase “and the next object is” – we at Global Door wonder what they would a picture such as that above, we doubt that a key cap would have been the first guess.

But these are not ordinary keycaps – these are key caps for the keys that operate what is recognised by the industry as currently the most secure lock available for domestic properties – notably the Ultion lock – the lock which has been fitted as standard to all Global Doors for the last twelve months. Now you can coordinate and colour code your keys to match every Ultion door in your home by simply slipping the key cap over the end of your Ultion key

Here at Global door in an effort to make it easy we have now added these “key caps” and their bigger brother the “key”Ring” – ( the one that allows you to find it by “ringing”) to the “door designer” on our web site which means that you can order them when you order a new front door.

Ultion Key CapsWe do not expect customers old or new to order a new front door just to get a handful of key caps or rings – but when the doors ae as good as our Global door range is its always worth considering – a quick visit to Global Door web site might just be the temtation you need superb styles and colours security and increased themal insulation guaranteed and masses of accessories including of course the above caps and Rings.


The “Rings” look slightly different to the “caps” as they have to incorporate a bit more of the technical stuff which is not required in the “caps”

If you are interested in the “Rngs” a little bit more essential information – it works via Bluetooth tracking – therefore using the free app your smartphone can guide you toward a lost Ultion key in moments. All you need to do is download the app and pair your smartphone with KeyRing App which is available as iOS and Android and you should never (we hope) lose your keys again


Available in a range of eight coloured styles + two new glow in the dark option which apply to both Caps and Rings and here they are with their descriptive names so you know what you’re ordering.

Ultion Key Cap and Key Ring New Video from Timber Composite Doors on Vimeo.


Clearly much as we here at Global Door would love you to order a new door, we recognise that we are talking two very different budgets and if it is only the Caps or Rings that you are interested in you are missing out on a great new door but we will still provide you with the “Caps”/”Rings” you require – simply give us a call or visit our sister web site Eurosecure the home of all your security needs