New and improved!

Possibly the most overused and absurd statement ever used in advertising surely if something is NEW the whole point of developing or producing it is to ensure that it is better than that which was there before otherwise how could it be new.

This is a quandary we have recently had here at Global Door – our Doorstop doors are the same superb quality but there is a recent specification change that enhances the performance – however as the change is to the locking system could we really say the door is “new and improved” –

Same Door new lock –

does not have the same impact – but of course this is not any ordinary lock – this latest addition to the Global Door portfolio is The Ultion the new” three-star diamond sold secure lock” that has taken the fenestration market by storm in recent months why? Because it is possibly the most secure lock ever for the domestic market with a host of unique features –

it looks like this –


carries these logos –


And for your money you get all of this –

Ultion succeeds in 7 ways that most 3 star locks don’t

Ultion Succeeds
In the lock

An investment well worth considering when you purchase your new Global Door

The Ultion is different in so many ways not least of which is that although it comes with three keys your average locksmith cannot simply cut you a couple of spares. So what is it that is so special about the Ultion Key – because each key is individually computer coded to match its eleven pin action conventional key cutting machines cannot accommodate this requirement so your local man just cannot do the job.

If the three keys we supply are not sufficient fear not we know a man who can cut you spares – Global Door have a sister company Eurosecure (also part of the GFD Group) who sell locks and accessories on line they have the knowledge and the capability to provide you with as many spare keys as you could ever require and obtaining them is simple – log into the Eurosecure web site navigate to the key cutting centre page– follow the simple instructions all you need is your “key code number” tell us how many keys you need request your quote and within a couple of days of your acceptance your new keys will be with you.

If your planning on buying a new front door from Global Door soon and why would you not when they look as good as this –

The traditional range –


Or this

The Contemporary range –


Treat your home to a little more security and add Ultion locks – security and peace of mind guaranteed.