Colour before style or style before colour

Style before substance or colour, colour, colour, all of the way none of our customers are the same and that’s why we try to offer them as many options as possible –



Or Contemporary


We offer you the choice of twenty-one styles and then we let you decide the colour –


And with thirteen of them that’s an awful lot of permutations before the accessories and the glass are chosen

Style or colour really comes down to personal choice and the style of the property and most of our customers seem to have a natural eye for picking out the best of both.

Here at Global Door we are always on hand to help our customers with their choice and to offer advice when it is required whether it be our excellent Finance deals or our superb First Class Installation service we invariably have the answers and our customers seem to like it that way judging from their TRUST PILOT comments

But when we are asked for our favourites – yes it is hard to choose but just to give our customers a head start we direct them to the home page of our web site and ask them to scroll down to mid page and there they are our favourites –


All complete with glazing options and accessories we even tell you the price and remind you of our 0%finance deals (where applicable)

At Global Door we cannot and will not make the decision “Colour before style or style before colour” for our customers but we will provide them with as much information as possible to ensure that they can make an informed choice visit our web site and check it all out for yourself.

When you have chosen and selected your new Global Door please do not forget to send us a photograph showing us how pleased you are with your new front door or even complete a TRUST PILOT review – your opinion is important to us and also all of the Global Door customers who will follow you in selecting one of our excellent new front doors.