It pays to be nice

Among all the junk and spam that comes in through the mailbox every now and then a little gem falls on our desks – reality kicks in and all of a sudden the world looks a better place – when it happens such revealing articles are worth sharing because they touch nerves in all of us and for one of our guys such an experience happened this weekend.

It’s a short story with both a hopeful message and a happy ending.

“This story is about a person working with a freezer plant.
It was almost the day end. Everyone had packed up to check out.
A technical snag developed in the plant and he went to check.
By the time he finished it was late. The doors were sealed and the lights were off.
Trapped inside the ice plant for the night without air and light, an icy grave was almost sure for him.
Hours passed thus. Suddenly he found someone opening the door.
Was it a miracle?
The security guard entered there with a torch and helped him to come out.
On the way back the person asked the security guard, “How did you know that I was inside? Who informed you?” the guard said, “No one sir; this unit has about 50 people. But you are the only one who says Hello to me in the morning and Bye in the evening.
You had reported in morning. But did not go out. That made me suspicious.”
He never knew a small gesture of greeting someone would prove to be a lifesaver for him.
You never know – it may work a miracle in your life too.”
Education is not a degree or certificate that can be shown to others as proof. It is our attitude, actions, language and behaviour with others in real life.!

Going the extra mile to help is something we in the GFD Group like to think we do for our customers because it is a principle in which we believe – one which in fact we have previously covered in a blog on our sister site Timber Composite Doors called “Going the extra mile” and featuring the amazing singing vicar Father Ray Kelly who really did go the extra mile for the happy couple with his rendition of Hallelujah.

The GFD Group of companies comprises Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure and it is our aim to provide our customers with the best possible service at all times. “Just like the guy above who got trapped in the freezer” we will try not to forget you which is why you may receive a courtesy call from one of our staff whether you purchase a new door / window or accessory or not – we want to your feedback because the only way we can improve is by knowing what we got right or wrong.

Any courtesy call you receive from one of our staff should not be confused with our TRUST PILOT reviews – these are collected independently by that company all we provide is the contact details.

It’s nice to be nice and here at Global Door our mission is to be nice to our customers and provide them with the quality service they deserve.