Miserable summer – in need of some retail therapy –

After a promising start for some (apologies to all on the east coast- we know you do not get much further east than Hartlepool) the summer seems to be declining – Wimbledon awash – cricket abandoned etc. – the one thing that puts all in a brighter state of mind – a bit of retail therapy.

Something that is frivolous or something that is practical, something that is personal or something which benefits the whole family – new clothes, a holiday – whilst you are making yourself more miserable trying to decide – here is something to consider that is cheerful, practical with benefit both you and your family and will not break the bank because it has a lifespan of up to thirty years and if correctly cared for it will show very few signs of ageing. Plus, every time you return it will give you the same cheerful welcome (not a dog) and when you close it behind you it will give you a warm comforting feeling of total security.

The solution to your searching could be a new front door – before you dismiss a new front door as far from the ideal solution to your summer blues here is something to consider – we pulled this “pie chart” from a statistics article on UK burglaries –


Are you sure your front door is as safe and secure as you imagine when 34% of burglaries occur through the front door maybe it’s time that you took another look at yours.

A new front door- a door that you can design yourself, style, colour, accessories the door you want not the door that is currently in stock and available is what you get when you visit the Global Door /Timber Composite Doors web site and use our “door designer” with seventeen styles and thirteen colours plus a multitude of accessories and every one of our doors comes with the certification to show that it complies with the latest standards for security durability and weather tightness.

If you still think you would prefer the foreign holiday but you would really like a new front door we have the answer to your dilemma because providing you meet the normal qualifying rules we can provide you with a 100 % interest free finance deal.

If we have whetted your appetite and you want to know more take a look at https://www.globaldoor.co.uk/