The wrong week to publish this one –

Summer finally hits the UK on 19th July when temperatures soar to 30 degrees Centigrade and Global Door choose that very same week to publish a blog entitled “Miserable summer in need of some retail therapy”

Boy did we get that wrong – there were we talking about a Wimbledon washout and abandoned test matches and by the time we publish – the sun has come out everyone (that is those who like the sun and the heat) is happy – in probably the one week of the year when doors are thrown open everywhere to provide welcoming draughts there we go suggesting a new front door as the ideal retail therapy.

Fortunately, here at Global Door we can poke fun at ourselves – we are pretty thick skinned and probably more importantly we know that the door most of us would willingly have thrown away on the 19th July will be the very same door that we will be demanding be closed tight come the dark days of winter (not wishing to be the bringer of bad news but those days are nearer than we think and will be coming round quicker than we would like)

Our timing may have been poor but our message was sincere, there is very little that gives that warm feeling of security and is more welcoming than a new front door.

If by chance, we have made you think that maybe it is time that you considered renewing your front door a visit to the Global Door web site where you can use our “door designer” to create your perfect door and with seventeen styles and thirteen colours plus a multitude of accessories we offer plenty of choice – plus every one of our doors comes with the certification to show that it complies with the latest standards for security durability and weather tightness. Whereas summer may soon be a thing of the past if you treat our doors well – and that means reasonable wear and tear and the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth they may well last you for the next thirty summers.

When the door that you design can look as good as this “twin panel” in black, with long bar handle, everglade glazing and matching accessories –


-which to design only takes a few moments and makes that visit to the Global Door web site a very useful and quite possibly productive use of your time.