Something else that you should know –


Bought your Global Door with one of these-


and need more of these

Ultion Keys



Now that Global Door are providing “Ultion” Door locks as standard which we recently announced in our blog “New and Improved” – this lock has so much more to offer – whereas the previous article stressed the security aspects and specification we rather glossed over the somewhat emotive issue of KEYS.

How can keys be emotive? It’s all about the number you need and knowing where they are?

What you should know about your “Ultion” lock is that it lends itself perfectly to a one key solution

Front door, back door, garage door, garage /kitchen door, patio doors, French doors, shed x the number of individuals in your family – say two adults and two teenage key owning children plus grandma and granddad x2 –


at GFD HQ we reckon that to provide all of those keys would be something like –

Front door   at least                                                                                six

Back door   at least                                                                                  four

Garage Door at least                                                                              three

Garage/ Kitchen door at least                                                         three

Patio doors – probably                                                                           three

French doors – probably                                                                      three

Shed – probably                                                                                         two

Which makes a minimum total of twenty-four (and that’s excluding windows)

All of the above are conservative figures and could be increased considerably with the addition of spares etc all a bit scary when you consider that when lost or misplaced that’s twenty-four opportunities for your keys to fall into the wrong hands which means that it is twenty-four opportunities for your home to be burgled and your precious possessions removed.

The alternative is remarkably simple – one key for all of your locks which limits the number required to the number of users and perhaps a couple of spares which should for the average house mean a maximum of maybe eight – parents children and one each for the grandparents plus a couple of spares – not only will you have the joy of lighter pockets there is obviously a lot less chance of one going astray.

If you purchase a door from Global door you get three keys as standard and as all the keys for an “Ultion” locks are computer mastered, it is not possible to simply pop down to your local locksmith and purchase extra’s.

Whatever your key needs may be here at Global Door we have the solution (which is only right as we created the problem by providing all our doors with the most secure domestic lock currently available) Within the GFD Group Global Door have a sister company Eurosecure also an online company but one that provides all the security accessories you could ever need and yes one of them is an “Ultion” lock key cutting service, it could not be easier simply visit the Eurosecure Ultion Key cutting page – enter your “keycode”, the keys you require and your personal particulars and your extra keys will be despatched within 24 hrs.

The site is worth a look as it contains masses of f information about the benefits of your “Ultion” lock and lots more about alternative security devices.

At Global Door our aim is to give our customers the very best of service and there would be little point purchasing a lock as good as the “Ultion” if you did not have a quality door on which to locate it – and with doors as good as this –


This three square in black


or  this four square in white

You know that quality is guaranteed – but we do not need to tell you that because if you are after more “Ultion” you have probably already purchased a Global Door.