Do we have to increase the size of our doors?

Here in the UK it seems that we may be safe for the foreseeable future but if we ever have a mass marital union of Dutch men marrying Latvian women – some door manufacturer wherever they decide to live could have a problem if this BBC news article which reveals “Dutch men as the world’s tallest” is to be believed. The Dutch men and the Latvian women are apparently the tallest upon average of all nationalities but some of the other facts in this article making interesting reading Guatemalan women are the smallest while Iranian men and Korean women have shown the greatest height spurts. We Brits with an average of 178cm (5’10”) for men and 164cm (5’5”) for woman are so average that we do not even make the top ten.

So what does average height have to do with the manufacture and sale of doors – for the present not a lot as the average door is designed to a size that will accommodate the average size person and if you have a special requirement in height or width the odds are that we can probably provide a door that will accommodate your needs – provided we are not talking excessive expansion.

The Global range of doors is already pretty accommodating with seventeen styles and thirteen colours plus a multitude of accessories and every one of our doors comes with the certification to show that it complies with the latest standards for security durability and weather tightness, we pretty much have something to suit every case. Add in our extremely attractive 0% finance offers (for those who qualify) and our Excellent “First Class Installation” service and the super safe “Ultion” Lock for added security and that is a package that will satisfy even the most discerning of customers.

With an average height of 1960 mm and an average width of 835mm we do not think that we need to worry about accommodating the frame of the average UK male or female.

The point we have so far not mentioned – these doors look pretty good – so why delay no matter what frame size you have we are pretty certain we have the door for you –

red-2-panel-1-arch-Composite-Door Duck-Egg-Blue-4-Square-Composite-Door

Why wait order today and come the dark days of winter your home will undoubtedly be warmer and more secure and your new door could look just as good for the next thirty years as it does today with the minimum of care and attention on your part.