One of the many benefits of dealing with an online company is that you never need to see us.

Those of us of a certain age remember all to vividly the days when the Fenestration (windows and Doors) Industry had a rather unfortunate image – a time when the salesman would come to your home and because his livelihood was based upon commission generated from sales he was determined not to leave until you had committed to the sale.

Here at Global Door we can promise all of our potential customers that we shall not do any of the following –

We will not hassle you endlessly on the telephone for an appointment (we normally only do call backs when you want to talk to us)

We will not push brochures /flyers through your door (we have brochures which you can request on the web site and we will deliver by post.

We will not knock on your door pressurising you to buy

We will not sit on your sofa drink endless cups of coffee and waffle for hours or bore you to death with photographs you do not want to see and quotations you do not want to receive and then after approximately 3 hours introduce our “Managers discount/ Managers deal of the day” routine make a call to no one in particular and then tell you that you can have a 95% discount

We will not deliberately leave our samples on your doorstep so we can call back – we do not do samples so there is no point asking for a “SAMPLE DOOR”, we may be able to rustle up the odd sample of glass or a colour swatch but only if you are struggling with our web site images -which as they are of the highest quality and give a very good representation of our product is a very rare request indeed.

Having dispensed with what we will not do we can safely advise any potential customer that we at Global Door are more than happy to let our web site do the sales pitch for us. From our Home page where we get straight into the swing of things by giving examples of some of our personal favourites


Through pages describing our various styles and colours of doors from Traditional, Contemporary, Cottage and Fire Doors and then into the pages that tell you everything you would ever need to know – and probably answer the questions you would have forgotten to ask – the page is headed “About the Door” open it up and you will find articles on – all of the following –

In fact if you want to get there quickly simply hover your mouse over the above and Control click –

Back to the Home page drop down menu –

“Quick Quote” allows you to design your own door –

And if all of the above you still need to know more – hover over any of the Home Page Icons control click – and you will have access to –

Our 0% Finance Page (for qualifying individuals)

Our superb Installation service page

Our Trust Pilot Customer review page

Our Yale accessories page

Our Ultion Lock experience page

Our DGCOS information page

And much much more including our “Chat line” where as they say in all the best ads “our fully trained operators are waiting for your call” and when we say our we mean our not some “Call Centre” relaying info – Andy, Sophie, Toni, Darren and Dan are real people who really know our/their business.

Put all of the above together and we reckon that all of that information sitting on your sofa would take about three days for the old fashioned Salesman to get his point across – but fortunately you do not have to do that – simply switch on your device find our Global Door web site and browse at your leisure

When you have found out everything you need to know we would very much appreciate you purchasing one of our doors