Or more specifically “electronic surveillance” and the “James Bond” world of secrecy and spying – it has recently been announced that “ a Russian MP’s son has been arrested for hacking in the US” according to this BBC news article and of course it has opened the whole debate of who is spying upon whom.

US state its political – Russia has lodged an official complaint – do any of we mere mortals actually know what is really going on in the world – and how far does it all go – political and industrial espionage are a world alien to most of us – and yet your writer once travelled back on a long haul flight from the far east sat beside a very drunk Norwegian who claimed the “Chinese” he had been visiting had “ripped off all of his prototypes” leaving him a broken man.

Here at GFD HQ we are pretty sure that we are not really a target for industrial espionage although as with most companies who work in the digital world we have had the occasional threat to our servers – but let’s be honest doors have been with us for a very long time and even though we consider our Global Door, doors pretty exceptional we do not believe we are up there as a No 1 target for the average back room hacker. We feel we are pretty safe in advising our customers their secrets are safe with us, that is of course until they have a new Global Door,  installed and then of course we accept no responsibility for the envious glances and enquiries as to where you purchased such a superb door.

With colours as vibrant as these –


and twenty-one styles to choose from and that’s both the traditional styles – that have been with us for generations and would probably not interest the average spy –


the contemporary styles are something different – modern and innovative – we know other suppliers watch us and why would they not when we have door styles so new exciting that they may just stir the industrial espionage spying fraternity into taking a second look.


But our best kept secret and the one we know does have the competition putting their best men on our case – is undoubtedly our super competitive prices -take these for example –


Now they are bound to attract the attention of any would be spy

Here at Global Door, we may not have the Russians or Chinese spying on us YET – but it can only be a matter of time before we become a target for their attention if we continue to produce products and service as good as that which you will find in our Global Door web site