Holidays on TV ? Will your tv pick your holiday?

Here at GFD HQ we tend to think that we give our customers a pretty sophisticated service when it comes to buying a new front door – provided you have a computer, an internet connection and a little time on your hands you need never leave the comfort of your armchair to get that new front door organised. Simply log on to anyone of our sites Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and follow the simple step by step guides it could not be easier – check out the ranges, design your customised door, add in a professional installation service and if cash is a bit tight our )5 finance offer (subject to qualification) can even ease that problem.

However, if the latest revolution in TV ordering as highlighted in this BBC article “How your TV could soon book your dream holiday for you “is correct we may have to re think the streamlining of our service. We all from time to time see a location on television and think to ourselves – “it would be nice to be there but where is it” – the article itself describes the thought process perfectly –

“Imagine watching a film or TV show featuring breath-taking scenery. You don’t know where the place is but you’d love to visit it one day. Now imagine being able to stop the action, ask your smart TV for the location, then have it work out how to get there, including flight and accommodation details. It may sound far-fetched, but this kind of “joined-up” travel tech is closer than you think. It’s all part of an effort by airlines and other transport providers to broaden their appeal and compete with the new app-based travel companies, such as Airbnb and”

Here at GFD HQ our initial thought is that if this technology really does get up and running some of the most desirable places we would all like to visit are probably going to get pretty crowded but no doubt it will all depend on how the Travel / airlines / third parties tailor the profiles of the individual APPs users.

For the present we at GFD HQ will simply continue to offer exceptional doors from our exceptional web sites. Take our Global Door web site and look at the choices we give you –

Traditional doors –


Contemporary Doors


And all of these external colour options –


Plus masses of specification information – everything that you will ever need to select your ideal front door.

We accept that it may not be quite as exciting as having your television help you suggest your perfect holiday destination – but with the dark cold and wet days of winter rapidly approaching maybe a new front door may just be the better alternative as a way to spend your money – and you can do it from your armchair.