Throw open the windows and wish –

For the majority of us we draw back the curtains and gaze out at the neighbours gardens – the roadway – more houses or a bustling city landscape – no peace little tranquility and only the every day hustle and bustle of life to take with us on our journey to work.

If we are lucky we may have a small peace of nature outside our window in the form of some grass or perhaps a tree and with the addition of a windowsill vase of flowers it is sure to brighten the start of our day.

There are very few of us in this world who are lucky enough to look out upon a view of mountains and flower meadows like this one which would certainly be a joy to wake to every morning –

If only! If Only Waking to a scene such as the above would set all our hearts singing.

For all of us who are lucky enough to travel the A689 ( the main route into Hartlepool) regularly our journey has just become a little more colourful – the central reservation is just coming into flower – enough to bring a smile to anyones face on their morning commute – we stole this photograph from last years press release from the Hartlepool Post- but it barely does justice to how good the reservation looks when in full colour.

We at GFD HQ the home of Global Door who spend our working days less than a mile away from this avalanche of colour which lasts approx half a mile – and this year we understand there are forty such sites thoughout the town – would like to thank Hartlepool Borough Council for taking this initiative to improve the quality of all of our daily lives. On the odd warm summer days (we do get them up here for those who have never visited the town) to drive this road SLOWLY with car windows down and take in the colours the butterflies and the bees and associated flora and fauna is a joy and one which we at GFD HQ think should be repeated on every central reservation or piece of waste land throughout the land. This year the same initiative seems to have been taken up by a number of local authorities here in the North East and we understand from the local press that the idea is spreading nation wide.

Unfortunately as this is a stretch of country road there it is we happy motorists and the occasional pedestrian who are benefitting from this colourful spectacle – the range of colours for our doors is pretty spectacular –


all thirteen of them – but good as they are they are not quite as vibrant as nature itself –

our door styles are pretty good too whether it be traditional or Contemporary we have something for everyone –

Traditional styles –


Contemporary styles –


We at Global Door think they all look great – but then we are biased – maybe not quite wild flower meadow great but pretty spectacular for a selection of doors.

Thank you Hartlepool Borough Council for brightening up our day