E – Kaia the answer to all of our battery problems?

Throughout the history of mankind, we have relied upon plants for so many of our needs – food, shelter, tools, as building materials, possibly the most important and often forgotten production of the oxygen we need to sustain human life plus much more – in fact you could say mankind is dependent upon the plant life around us.

Plants may be about to provide a solution to another one of life’s great needs – how often have we heard the phrase “it’s only as good as the battery” be it mobile’s or tablets, cars or toys batteries need recharging could the solution be E-Kaia (Greek for Energy of the earth)

Three Chile University students Evelyn Aravena, Camila Rupcich and Carolina Guerrero, in a break came upon the concept thatplants could produce electricity – fast forward three years and a lot of hard work and they have a working model (patent pending) that can produce 5 volts and 600 milliamps of power, which allows you to charge a cell phone in an hour and a half (and without causing any damage to the Plant). The discovery has certainly caused some waves in the scientific world if these reports are correct “Charge your cell phone with a plant” and “E-Kaia portable charger harnesses energy from soil”

It is of course early days but could we soon have a situation where we could take our electric car to the nearest tree plug in a wood probe and drive away an hour later fully charged – farfetched of course but until this discovery so was the idea of electricity from plants.

Here at Global Door we are fortunate in that we are reliant upon mains power (The web and our computer driven marketing and management systems) rather than battery, so other than in the personal arena this discovery will have little impact upon our business in the short term. The nearest we come to battery power requirement is to power our Key free locks – which are a digital entry lever handle that can be opened either by using a digital keypad or an electronic fob. – you have complete control as to who has key fobs and who has access to the pin number a pin number that you can change as often as you like to ensure your complete security

The locks themselves are very stylish but when used in conjunction with one of the doors from our contemporary range they really can look quite spectacular.


Just like this four square in red – with matching chrome keyless lock and letter plate and of course throughout the range there are a further eighteen door styles to choose from and the keyless locking system looks good on them all.