Further to our article “The Doors of the Monarchs “ what specific criteria define a Regency door.

Global Regency Composite DoorAs the Regency period as determined by the proxy rule of George IV extended to a maximum of 15-20 years the architectural themes followed very much the same as the Georgian era.

Regency doors were similar to Georgian but they were generally more ornate in design with carvings which were richer and more inventive and greater use of carved mouldings and studs to highlight and define geometric panelling shapes, the imitation of Ancient Greek or Roman architectural styles were very popular and were often used in the external design of the door.

The most characteristic Regency designs which survive today occur in terrace housing where the door often features as the focal point of a curved head design of the fan light window above the door, frequently such doors framed by two columns.

It was during the Regency era that bow windows with elegant wrought iron balconies both to the window and the facade became fashionable.

As with the Georgian era the choice of colours for painting doors was still limited and the preferred colours were painted black or bronze-green.

If you should choose to replace your front door with a new Regency style door there is now an alternative to the solid timber original and this comes in the shape of a composite door as supplied by Global Door.

The benefit of choosing a composite door over a timber door is that the solid thermally insulated polyurethane foam core slab and similarly the 2mm through coloured GRP cladding can be cut and moulded during the construction process to mimic the design of all of the classic pattern doors.

Regency doors purchased from Global door are manufactured to exacting factory standards and must comply with stringent quality control criteria. manufactured to a thickness of 44mm ensures a strength and durability the equivalent of any timber door and every door comes with appropriate “third party” accreditations to both “Secured by design” and PAS 23&24 – so they will look and perform as well as any original Regency door.