“My Precious” a term made famous by and originating from Gollum a character in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings see –  referring to mythical ring with magical powers – if a product currently under development comes to fruition such a ring may no longer be a product of fiction.

Jewellery has traditionally considered been considered fashionable and sometimes even beautiful but rarely functional that is until now – the NFC smart ring depends on near-field communication, and is a device which can be used to share information, as well as unlock mobile phones and actual doors. Near field communication, which we generally associate with ”phone bumping” to share information   is a technology which transfers content wirelessly between your phone and other NFC-capable devices through close contact.

The ring which is unlikely to ever win prizes in the fashion stakes comes with two inlays tags; private and public. – the transfer of information it is claimed is initiated by performing different hand functions fist-bumping for public actions and waving their hand for private actions There’s a lot of flexibility just in the positioning of the two tags, and since you have to be in pretty close proximity with the tag and the NFC receiver on your phone in order for anything to happen, there’s very little chance of an accidental press

If this kind of technology is your thing take a look at – which in our opinion here at Global Door gives the best (and most humours guide t how it all works) we cannot yet promise to give every one of our customers a free NFC smart ring to open their own front door but when that day comes we will be adding this little beauty to our list of optional accessories.