Hello Angus

This one that blew in over the weekend of the 19th/20th and gave us our first real taste of winter over many parts of the UK –

With pouring rain and driving winds it brought havoc to many areas and for a large number of individuals it probably exposed just how susceptible their properties were to draughts – the nasty cold sort that make keeping the interior of your home a constant temperature exceedingly difficult.

As fast as the draughts flow in your money is flowing out in the payment of excess heating bills – if it’s your front door that’s showing signs of age and performing somewhat worse than you would like in the draughts division – fear not help is at hand if you contact us here at Global Door we can still provide you with a new front door dispatched and installed before Christmas.

We cannot state that our doors will make your home totally draught free but because our doors are pre – engineered as a factory assembled door and frame unit complete with draughtproofing we know that we have all but eliminated the potential for draughts once installed in your home. The good news does not stop there, because the core of our doors is manufacture from a solid compressed polyurethane slab not only does it add strength and stability to the door it also provides one of the best thermal and acoustic insulation solutions currently available plus if you choose for a glazed panel option in your door this will come as a double-glazed unit as standard and it does not end there all of our letterplates have interior and exterior flaps and yes they are also draught proofed.

Barbara (the next storm name) is probably a nice girl but if she blows in as fierce as Angus maybe you should be considering changing your front door now and not waiting for Conor or Doris or Ewan.

Our doors are not only functional they are also very stylish as these examples clearly show –

Global Composite Doors

These are only three of the 21 styles in a choice of 13 colours all with carefully selected matching accessories that you will find on our Global Door web site why delay – order today and if finances are a bit tight as you run up to Christmas, providing you qualify you could take advantage of our excellent 0% finance packages and look forward to a warmer in doors winter.