Christmas, the time of the year when we can all exaggerate the welcoming features of our front door but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Tis the season to be jolly, so goes the Yuletide Carol, but how do you dress your front door at Christmas, rustic and natural, with Garlands and wreaths of produce gathered from the hedgerows, or modern with coloured lights and lanterns shining out brightly. Or, maybe a little bit of traditional mixed with a little modern, all set out in your own individual styling.

For the traditionalist what can be more appealing than the aromas and textures of a Garland or a Wreath made from scented seasonal foliage, you no longer need to forage the hedgerows  your own materials as both the pre made items and  the DIY foliage, twigs , berries etc are available from numerous market garden style outlets.

Here’s a great guide on how to make your own garland or wreath just like in the picture christmas-composite-door-wreath

Garlands are so versatile that they can be used both inside and outside of your home, draped across a fire breast or cascading around a door frame they will grace any surrounding whilst adding that festive feel. Whether shop bought, or crafted by your own hand, it is now possible to select colours for your garland or wreath that will compliment individual colour schemes.  To add that Christmas aroma the addition of pine cones, cinnamon sticks or even dried citrus fruit will blend perfectly with that of seasonal foliage.

If you are more horticultural minded you may go for the natural look of seasonally planted tubs complete with miniature conifers or bay trees all under  planted with winter flowering plants such as  Cyclamen or Skimmia Japonica or Rubella, intertwine a few LED lights and that festive look will be assured

Should you prefer the more “modern” approach the choice of LED Lighting accessories in a multitude of colours and designs are irresistible whether it be as individual items such as “Old Fashioned Street lights “a “Santa Clause” a “Pillar Box “or even Illuminated “wicker work” animals or ornate flashing Garlands and Wreaths the opportunities to personalise your front door are endless.

Somewhere in between the traditional and modern falls the “Candle lit Coach Lamp”, the iconic item which has welcomed traveller’s home for generations, these are now available in a number of styles in timber or metal with an abundance of candles to match.

Our house is just about sorted if slightly understated, a “Candle lit Coach Lamp” hung from the Porch a traditional aromatic Christmas Wreath with a twist of LED lights attached to the front door, (we like our Garlands over the fireplace” an “Old Fashioned LED illuminated Street Lamp” adjacent to the front door and a couple of “illuminated Wicker work” deer’s grazing on the front lawn.

Just to make sure Santa clause does not miss us we have also invested in a couple of rows of twinkling lights along the drive to act as landing lights for his sleigh, what could be more welcoming, the glass of sherry, the Christmas cake and the carrots for the reindeer will all be there waiting his arrival on the 25th.

Check our customers festive Christmas Doors in the gallery below:
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