Contemporary Composite Front Doors from Global

Contemporary Composite Front Doors from Global

 The front door is one of the first design elements that guests see when arriving at home or office and it should be inviting pleasing in appearance and  match the properties exterior whilst still fulfilling its primary functions of providing security and being, durable and weather resistant.

At Global door we believe our new range of Contemporary Composite Front doors when combined with our stunning new hardware range gives the perfect combination will look superb on any property – what could be more stunning than the three diamond pattern door with long bar handle – particularly when a bold colour such as red is selected with a black frame.

 Style they say is timeless, classical appearance improves with age, but who can say that a door as stunning as this will not evolve into tomorrow’s classic..

 Developers of new builds both domestic and commercial often choose contemporary styles to enhance their developments, providing a quality finish which is both aesthetically pleasing and enhances the value, but what is contemporary?

In the majority of instances, that which is considered modern or contemporary when describing a door is defined by –

  • The face finish -vertical grooved matchboard is currently very popular as are matt coloured flush faced doors all of which appear more dramatic with the careful use of glazing and down lighting.
  • The glazing – the size, the shape and the number of the external glazed panels, the use of coloured and patterned glass and more significantly the locations on the door face.
    • The hardware – which is invariably bold or brash and futuristic in appearance, with large expanses of brushed or anodised metal forming the back plates to the fitments.

The new range of Global doors has all of the above and much much more, all of our doors are composite doors which are –

  • Doors which are strong /sturdy and virtually maintenance free.
  • Doors with pre-engineered frames that ensure a perfect fit every time
  • Doors which incorporate a hardwood reinforced sub frame, set around a high density polyurethane foam core which can be pre formed during the manufacturing process to mimic any size style with openings as may be required to create the door pattern of your choice, the diamond, the four square, the circle, the three square and the twin side are some of the most popular
  • Doors which because of their foam core provide high thermal and sound insulation benefits


  • Doors  which can be clad each side with a range of through coloured highly durable GRP skin styles grained or flush which will appeal to the most discerning or outrageous requirements of customers.


  • Doors with all of the correct and secure mountings for multi adjustable hinges and secure locking systems and whatever range of hardware and handles you may wish to incorporate.


The final choices to personalise the door rests with the customer and the Global contemporary range makes those decisions very hard indeed the style , the colour the accessories, and locking the glazing these are the items that will make a door truly contemporary in appearance and dictate the classic styling of the future.