In your home, every single detail holds significance. Whether it’s the exterior or the interior, even the most minute elements can profoundly influence your home’s overall aesthetic.

Among these often-overlooked details, the colour of your front door is a key player in enhancing your home’s charm. It serves as the initial impression for both visitors and passersby of your residence.

With great excitement, we’re pleased to announce the addition of 6 new captivating door colours to the Door Stop collection.

Bid adieu to the ordinary and customary door shades; it’s time to embrace the allure of Agate Grey, Pebble Grey, Fern Green, Pastel Blue, Turquoise Blue, and Purple Violet doors.

1. Agate Grey – A Timeless Classic 

The first addition to Door Stop‘s colour palette is Agate Grey. This shade radiates an aura of sophistication and enduring elegance. It stands as the ideal selection for those seeking to cultivate a timeless and refined atmosphere within their homes.

Regardless of whether your interior design is modern or traditional, Agate Grey doors will effortlessly harmonise with the surroundings, imparting a dash of refinement to your living space.

2. Pebble Grey – Subtle Elegance

Pebble Grey, a versatile colour, strikes an exquisite balance between sophistication and subtlety. It rests comfortably between the realms of neither too dark nor too light, making it an ideal selection for homeowners who favour a natural yet refined aesthetic.

This shade serves as the perfect canvas for elevating your home’s kerb appeal and enhancing its overall exterior allure.

3. Fern Green – Nature’s Tranquillity 

Green is a symbol of freshness, tranquility, and the inherent beauty of nature. Fern Green doors seamlessly infuse a touch of the outdoors into your home, embracing the essence of the natural world. This versatile color gracefully complements both rural and urban properties.

Whether integrated into your interior design or chosen as the hue for your front door, Fern Green extends a warm invitation, beckoning you to rekindle your connection with the profound beauty of nature.

4. Pastel Blue – Serene and Inviting

Pastel Blue embodies serenity and calmness, evoking feelings of relaxation and tranquility. It stands as the perfect choice for homeowners who deeply value the peace that accompanies returning home.

The gentle and welcoming ambiance of Pastel Blue doors will provide you with a soothing retreat after a long day, allowing you to unwind in a serene environment.

5. Turquoise Blue – Vibrant and Refreshing 

Turquoise Blue is a daring choice that injects a vibrant and invigorating twist into any space. It’s the ideal selection for individuals who aim to make a bold statement and cultivate a lively atmosphere within their living areas.

With Turquoise Blue, you infuse your home with energy and personality right from the start, setting the stage for a vibrant and dynamic living environment.

6. Purple Violet – A Regal Touch 

Purple Violet is a regal and opulent colour selection, bestowing an aura of grandeur and refinement upon any space.

If your aim is to craft a majestic and dramatic ambiance, Purple Violet doors will splendidly fulfil this purpose, adding a touch of luxurious sophistication to your surroundings.

A Spectrum of Colours to Suit Every Preference

With a wide array of colours to choose from, there’s truly something to cater to every individual’s taste.

Whether you gravitate towards timeless classics, understated elegance, nature-inspired tranquility, serene blues, vibrant refreshment, or regal opulence, Door Stop boasts a splendid range of colours to perfectly match your preference and bring your dream aesthetic to life.

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FAQs about Door Stop’s 6 new colours

Do the new colours suit all types of homes?

Absolutely. These 6 new colours have been meticulously designed to complement a wide array of architectural styles, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Each colour has the potential to infuse character and charm into your home’s front entrance.

When can I access these new colours and how can I choose one?

All 6 of the new colours are available starting today. Simply visit our Global Door Designer, where you’ll be guided through the various door options, including colour choices. Here you’ll be able to pick from a selection of colours, including these new additions.

Is special maintenance required for these new door colours?

While these new door colours do not necessitate any special maintenance, we always recommend using warm water (avoiding chemicals) and a clean cloth to wipe down the doors whenever they become soiled. This simple care routine will help keep them in their optimal condition.