Driving home

Smooth traffic flow, easy listening on the radio driving home last night the sort of rare evening when you actually have time to day dream and then – up pops Katie Melua

singing about Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing – that’s a lot of bicycles but with a population of circa 11.5 million (only know that because I looked it up afterwards ) not everyone has a bicycle –when the traffic flow is good is when the mind starts wandering – we sell doors and there are 60million people in the UK (approx 65 million – cheated again and looked that up as well) and assuming the average household has three occupants we could be looking at 23million + front doors (because virtually everybody lives somewhere) and that makes no allowance for commercial properties so let’s add a couple of million – amazing we could have a potential market of in excess of 25 million customers – too good to be true – but .

At the present here at GFD HQ our various group companies –

Global Door

Timber Composite Door

Fusion Door,

Composite Door Prices

Sell approx 4000 doors per year which by our reckoning assuming that if only 25% of the potential customers were looking to change their front doors and we could corner the whole market that would be say 6million new doors which at current rate of sales would happily keep us employed for 1500 years – none of us in GFD HQ need worry about seeing that one through – amazing what you can do with statistics.

Realistically of course we will never corner the market but even a small % share would be good but why should we not be day dreaming on a grand scale when we have doors of the quality of the Doorstop range that our Global Door outlet has on offer –our “about the door” – door features page tells you exactly what these doors comprise so you can check out for yourself the outstanding value that you are getting for your money. With twenty one traditional or contemporary styles (many of which can be converted to stable doors) and with a choice of thirteen external colours and a multitude of glazing and hardware accessories our doors are always worth day dreaming about.

Just to help that day dream get started here are a couple of examples showing the diversity of our range –

From the traditional



The 2Panel 1 arch in Poppy red with English
Rose pattern glazing

From the contemporary


The 4 square in Duck Egg Blue with
Zinc Abstract glazing and long bow

Why not make your dreams of a new front door a reality and visit our Global Door web site where you can check out the full range and if your budgets are a little stretched post Xmas we can even help out with finance – here is the quick link to our finance page