The scream was deafening

Every now and again here at GFD HQ we come up with a topic that is more important than simply featuring pictures and descriptive text based around our superb range of quality doors , windows and accessories, this is one such topic.

Edvard Munch the artist who painted the world famous “Scream” could easily have used anyone of the GFD staff as a model when the news broke – it was unbelievable news and almost too much to endure

Although based up in sleepy Hartlepool we are pretty sure that the united company chorus of

“Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO! would have been heard across three counties at least.

Why us? Why now? But we waited so long !

What could have stirred the emotions of every member of staff.

What had they waited so long for!

The answer is simple – something the majority of us have at least one of per day and some considerably more – we all enjoy it and when the going gets tough this is frequently what keeps us going.

The GFD Group has been trading for some eight years and now comprises the following companies Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure and for our friends in the trade “The Trade Village” – all of which have excellent websites designed to give potential customers all the awareness they need to make a valued judgement of our products before purchase.

During the eight years of our existence the staff levels have continued to increase and throughout that period there has been one common denominator – you want a coffee – it meant a journey to the kitchen – kettle instant of your choice bit of a chat etc. As a staff Xmas present individual offices were provided with one of these –

A coffee maker that uses “pods” of premixed coffee (not necessarily this brand image used for demonstration purposes – other coffee makers are available etc etc etc)

We all loved it better quality coffee no more trailing off to the kitchen – the introduction was a definite success –

that is until BBC News came up with an article entitled “Is there a serious problem with coffee capsules” – the essence of the story is that the city of Hamburg in Germany has banned the pods used in these machines in a drive to reduce environmental waste.

If it had not appeared as formal BBC news item we at GFD HQ would have thought someone was having a wind up, but apparently the story is genuine. The average coffee pod is a mix of plastic and aluminium and therefore they cannot be recycled – interesting choice of machine used in our illustration – it is manufactured in Germany. Unbeknown to anyone here at GFD and probably the reader lots of surveys have been being conducted throughout Europe and if the quoted figures are correct 10% of those polled thought recycling a problem but 22% of these people owned a machine.

In the interest of peace and productivity GFD Group management have agreed the coffee machines can stay – for the present until the German Coffee Police find a way of using their power in the European community to ban all such machines.